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Let’s discuss everything about Amazon Clone Template here :slight_smile:



Sorry to bother, I´m interested in this template but I have a question regarding how the transaction process works. If I want to put a seller as the payee of the transaction and take a fee but in the Cart of the buyer there´re several products of different sellers, how that is handle? Do you make a Stripe charge for every seller?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Thanks for your question,
That’s correct - we make a Stripe charge for every item and each seller will receive their amount.
see below the screenshot of how the workflow is currently configured.
However it’s also possible to set it up so that the user is charged once and then a workflow will run the cart’s items and will process payouts to each seller for their items in the cart.
Hope this helps


thanks for the clarification!
So you collect the card info of the buyer and then run an API workflow on the list of items of the cart that charges for every item, right?

You do the same with the order creation? I’m sorry for so many questions but I still don’t understand how the order creation is handle. I tried to use the preview template but the page told me that there was a problem using Stripe in test mode to process the “test payment”


sorry what do you mean by order creation?
i’ve just updated the test keys for Stripe so this test card should work:
4242 4242 4242 4242

this is correct


When I am checking out the product. It is showing product has purchased but I the new order is not creating in the Order Table.

Please help me in this issue.



Hey Aditya,
can you please share a few screenshots so we better understand what’s the issue?


Hi Levon,

Thanks for writing me back, For now I have removed the Stripe from the workflow and then also found the Orders are not creating in the database. I have planned to use another Payment Gateway. If I will get stuck again, I will contact you.

Thanks again for your precious time.




I see, that you’re trying to integrate your own payment system for the template. As of right now we checked issue with the Order Table, the problem seems to be with the bubble setup. The plan for the preview is - template which blocks API workflow set in the app. Using our template with at least subscribing to personal plan on bubble will do the trick and the issue will be eliminated.

Kind regards,