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API Connector-stripe

Dear zeroqode community, we have a problem with the Learny template. We don’t know how to complete the API Connector plugin (stripe) so that the subscriptions of the three plans we offer work correctly.
We have contacted Zeroqode helpdesk but they are not giving us a proper solution. Documentation isn’t good enought.
We need help, if someone already had problems with this and knows how to solve it, please help us, maybe we can find a solution by financial means.
Hope to find the solution soon.
Best regards,
Denise Just,

Hi @denise.just,

Thanks for reaching out. In order to configure the Stripe payments in Learny, it would be best to check these instructions here. You just need to grab your own API Keys from Stripe dashboard and replace them (besides setting up in Plugins tab).

Perhaps you can refer to this doc as well.