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AWS delete file - Backend Workflow

I’m trying to use the AWS plugin to delete an uploaded file.

When running the ‘delete file’ action in a browser/front-end workflow it works perfectly - the desired file is deleted from my AWS S3 bucket.

But I can’t get it to work at all in a backend workflow.

I’ve checked all the logs, and the workflow is definitely running, and I’ve checked that the correct URL for the file is being passed to the workflow.

But it wont delete the file.

Any ideas why it works in the browser, but not in the back-end?

Hello, @adam1

Unfortunately this plugin is a client side plugin (not a server side one) thus its actions won’t be accessible from the backend workflows .
Thanks for understanding.

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Will appreciate if you could provide a way to delete at least in the server side. Thanks

Hello @koechamos51

Thanks for the feedback and support, we’ll see how feasible it’ll be so we could implement this in future updates.