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AWS File Uploader - Create one database entry per uploaded file


We have a problem with the latest versions of the plugin. I put a post earlier, but the solution didn’t work, and I would like to try to fix it again.

We would like to be able to use the plugin and for each file you upload simultaneously, it would create a record in the database separately. That is, if I upload File A and File B, and I have my FILES data type, two entries; one with the name of File A and its URL and one with File B and its URL.

To do this, (with version 1.97.0 it worked), we made a call to an API in the backend workflow section and it created correctly each entry in the database, but from later versions, it creates a multitude. If I upload 2 files, it creates 4 entries in the database, if I upload 3, it creates 9. That is to say, it creates entries exponentially to the number of uploaded files.

I hope I have explained myself correctly.

Best regards.

Edit: I post this problem also in this thread in the past: Schedule Workflow on a list Error - AWS File Uploader

Hello, @pbenito
Thanks for your question.

Please allow me to note that the recording of the files is working properly in the latest plugin versions.
However, I suppose that the root cause of this behavior could be your current settings for creating DB entries.

Can you share with me the screenshots of your current settings, so I will be able to reproduce them on my side and see what’s wrong?

I am looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

Yeah sure, here you have several screenshots.

This workflow works properly with version 1.97.0, but not with new versions.

Hello, @pbenito
Thanks for these details.

I’ve got your idea and I need to note that right now, in case you are uploading a list of files, it would be recorded in your DB as a list of files (like you mentioned in your initial message).
However, in case you are uploading many files separately, not as a list of the files, they will be recorded in different fields.

The logic of file recording was changed, so I can recommend you try uploading your files not as a list, but as Many files.
In case you have some questions on this matter, please let me know and I will discuss this with our dev.Team.

Best regards,

Hi @Ecaterina

I don’t understand the difference between list of files or many files. In the fileuploader element I have checked the checkbox Many files

So, working like this, which logic should I take?


Hello, @pbenito

Many files are uploaded not as a single list, but as many separate files, thus if you upload 10 files , they all will be separately recorded in your DB.
If you upload all the files as a list, they will be recorded in one entry, but duplicated accordingly to the number of the images.
So, I can recommend you not to use the list of files in case you planning to record them in DB.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.
Best regards,

Hi @Ecaterina

That recommendation is a big problem with the user experience, because if a user wants to upload 3 files, he has to be selecting file by file separately.

Knowing that the problem is in the file list, couldn’t you try to fix it and allow the uploading of a list to work as in previous versions?

Hello, @pbenito

I think we misunderstood each other a little bit. Using the “Many files” option you and your users can upload many files at once without any issues. However, you can record them differently in your DB: many files in one field or separately from every uploaded file.
As for the list, I meant a batch of the files, for example, a folder or uploading files from the application, which are already put in the plugin element, like static files for uploading.

Here are examples of recording files in the DB for a list of files:

In this example, files are recorded in one DB field, using these settings.

Second example:

Here, all the files are recorded separately, using these settings.

I hope that this will be helpful for you.
Best regards,

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Hi @Ecaterina

Thanks. I will try and check if it works.

Thanks again

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I am looking to hearing from you soon.

In case any additional question will appear - let me know.

Bes regards,