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AWS uploader plug help! (Date is not the same as X-Amz-Date)


Can anyone help me with why I’m getting this error with the aws plugin? thanks!


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

AuthorizationHeaderMalformedThe authorization header is malformed; Invalid credential date. Date is not the same as X-Amz-Date.B1F4B7A06B4B89CBvx+mFM+w6ZpnYuGD5nkid6GMB3z1ZcK3c42h21ABzflffxnsWWy00EwJZYiOu6rJJUq9uHSKJQs=


i just replied to you on Bubble forum - it looks like a Bubble bug and I suggested to file a bug report at https://bubble.is/bug_report


Thanks for the quick reply - I submitted bug report to bubble! thank you!