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Can we do the following:

Take the AirBnB theme but add Bookings to it?

Or in the Bookings theme can you add more pictures? I see that you can only do 1.

If you wanted to add more pictures how do you do that?



Hello Ray,
it would be much easier to add the multi picture functionality to Bookings template than adding bookings functionality to AirBNB template.
It would require some tweaking in the Bubble editor (some workflows and elements).
Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

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Like the previous post about slow FB/ Google log in/ sign ups I’m having stalls with LinkeidIn.


Sorry, which template you refer to? Bookings and Appointments template doesn’t come with Linkedin signup.
Can you clarify please?


My apologies for not being clear. I added the LinkedIn plugin to the Bookings and Appointments template and it works but there is a lag and was wondering if it was related to the FB/Google login lag in the previous post.


can you share access with us so we could take a look? You can do so by adding [email protected] to your collaborators list in the app settings.


The invite is sent. Thanks


I tested your app and for me it was only 1-2 seconds delay, which is most likely caused by:

  1. pulling information from Linkedin
  2. updating the details of current user as shown on the screenshot below
    you can experiment with deleting that user update action and see if it would become faster. If it would, then it’s possible to initiate the update by triggering “API workflow” for making the updates in parallel on the server, so that the user wouldn’t wait until they are done to be redirected to the profile page but that’s a bit more complex to implement. Slight delays like that happen even on very large websites, a good practice though is simply to show an animated loading spinner gif so that the user is not annoyed by the delay.
    Hope this helps


Hi levon,
I am interested in the platform, but I would like to integrate it in Mexico and Latin America, stripe works in that region?

I also want to comment that I just tried the preview and it shows me an error 400 when registering with google.


unfortunately Stripe doesn’t work in that region just yet, but we have a plugin for Mercadopago, which supports most latin american country (https://www.mercadopago.com.ar/)
so you could change the payments from stripe to mercado pago.
Any other payment provider can be integrated too.

we’ll check this


the problem was solved with google, I liked the template, but stripe will not work and adding another payment method applies another workflow and is something I do not know.


if it’s difficult to be implemented by yourself you can hire us or any Bubble freelancer to do the modifications…


Hi Levon- I noticed that TAGS displayed in a listing do not show in separate bubbles. Is there a way that we can change that in the “multidrop specialism”?


how are they currently displayed? can you share a screenshot of what you mean? Thanks


Here’s the screenchsot of how tags show in a listing search result:

All tags are shown in the same bubble, and the format doesnt look right.

Question: how can we show each tag in a dedicated bubble that adapts to the size of the tag?


we found the reason and here is how to fix it.
Please go to instructor_profile page
and do the following modifications to 2 workflows:

  1. change “add” to “add list” as shown on this screenshot

  2. add “specialism clear list” as shown here

  3. and change “add” to “add list” here

if you see errors that it should be a list then simply type again “multidropdown specialism’s value” for both errors and it will be fine.
we have pushed these changes to the template so if you create a new app these changes will be reflected there. hope this helps. thanks!


Applied your fix, but all tags still showing in the same bubble (see pic below).
Was your fix supposed to fix the bubble for each tag?



The fix will have effect on the listings that you will create after implementing the fix. So the listings created before will not be changed. But you can change them manually in the database in the listings table


The image attachment I sent you was one of a listing I posted after the fix.


it’s hard to help without looking into your app, the fix is supposed to make each tag in a separate bubble. Please make sure you applied the fix to all the workflows as I showed on the screenshots above