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Bookings & Appointments Template


I applied to the 3 workflows you shared. Is there anything else missing? Something maybe in the page “becomeaninstructor”?


I only changed those 3 workflows, in order to help you out more we’d need access to your app. Please add [email protected]


I am interested in this template, but I am just starting with Bubble. So far, I have completed a good intro course on Udemy and feel that I have a hang of things. I was reading some of the comments about the messages, and checked out the demo, and agree it’s a bit confusing.

  1. Were the messages ever fixed?
  2. Is there a roadmap for each template that I can look at?
  3. Does someone have their own site built using this template that I can look at?
  4. Does this allow taking a 10% cut of the transaction?
  5. How often are the templates updates?
  6. What happens to my custom changes when there is an update to the template?
  7. Does the template come with documentation?

So far, all of the templates on this site look amazing. However, each one only has a tiny blurb of info. I think it would be more helpful if there was a bulleted list of all features and more in-depth information.

I’m really excited to start my bubble journey, so any other advice or recommended learning would be appreciated.


the messages work, however we have not implemented any fancy improvements that some users wanted. Anyway, you can check the preview of the template and see how messaging works

not really, we just usually collect feedback from users and try to implement what is feasible and potentially demanded by other users. Inbox improvements for this template are on our list but I can’t give you an ETA as of when we are going to implement them

yes, there should be quite a few, but users don’t necessarily inform us about what they have built

yes, you can set any commission you want

on as needed basis

when you buy a template you need to create an app based on the template and then all the changes are done to the app not the template. When we update the template you would need to create a new app using that template. So basically if you make any changes to the app there is no way to apply the latest template version to that app, unfortunately.

not at the moment, but we are planning to implement the notification. Right now we only provide live forum support to answer user questions about the template before and after the purchase

yes, we are planning to work on this.