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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode


@levon Can you clarify what you mean by “The Format”? Do you mean Letter vs A5?

No the issue with the map is still there.



ok we’ll check out the map issue


Anyone else having trouble having their PDFs download recently? For some reason mine stopped working and there was nothing I did differently. Any changes that broke the plugin recently? Mine specifically is when I try to do a multi-page PDF.


Ok, so i figured out that after 1.14.0 is when the problem started.


We’ll check this out, Jason


Thank you. Much appreciated.


@malife Hi Mariano, we have solved your issues with map printing and scaling, pleas upgrade the latest plugin version, refresh the editor and retry


Hello @levon thanks for investigating this issue.

As you can see below, the issue is not entirely fixed. The first row now prints correctly but the second row is still off site. I am using plugin version 1.17.


we’ll check this out


we have fixed this, please upgrade the plugin version and retry, thanks!


@levon, we are getting closer. The maps now show correctly! Thanks for looking into that.

However the behavior for “Ignore Element IDs” changed.

In 1.17 I could have multiple elements with the same ID and all would be ignored. Now, in 1.18 I noticed that only one was being ignored, so I tried putting a new ID and add it to the list.

However, is only ignoring the first element it finds in the list. See my image below:


Hi Mariano, we have fixed this bug, please upgrade to the latest plugin version and retry


Hey @levon, is there any way to trigger the Bubble Page to PDF plugin when you want to convert a different page other than the one your user is currently on?

For example… I’m using SelectPDF at the moment (but would switch over to you all if I can do the same thing with Bubble Page to PDF) and when my user clicks on a “Create PDF” button, the Workflow triggers an action where it creates a PDF from a different web page on my web app. Can your plugin do that? I see all the demos and documentation on how to do it when you’re viewing a current page… but I want the plugin to create a PDF of a different page within my site. Does that make sense?


at the moment it’s not possible, because server side plugin that uses an external library would be required, and Bubble doesn’t support that yet


Ok, I appreciate the response. If this ever changes… please post an update on Bubble’s forum. I would subscribe to your plugin in a heartbeat. SelectPDF is overpriced.