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Can Zeroqode AWS uploader upload file from my database?

I’m working on a project where I use the Picture Uploader and Image Cropper to upload an image, crop it and save it in my database on Bubble.

That process works fine, but ultimately I need that image to be moved into my AWS S3 bucket. I have tried using the AWS No GUI workflow and input the specific file address of the file in my Bubble database to see if it will move it, but it doesn’t appear to put anything in my S3 bucket (provided I set it up correctly).

Can the AWS File Uploader do that?

Thanks @underhill.dan for asking,

It should be all up-and-running if setting up the S3 bucket, and you should be able to crop and save the cropped image into your Bubble database. As well as simply uploading your files via NoGUI Uploader. I guess it is just a plugin configuration issue at this point, as requested here:

So as soon as we figure out this problem, you should be able to use the plugin at its fullest to meet your needs.