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Cannot Read QR Codes with "QR & Bar Code Reader"


I tested this plugin in your demo site.

My smartphone (HUAWEI P20 Pro, Android 9, Chrome 74.0.3729.136) can scarcely read QR Code image with “QR & Bar Code Reader” because the camera is out of focus.

I guess this plugin forcibly use the telescope lens of smartphone when reading QR or Bar Code. It is 10x zoom. (It has 1x lens, 3x lens and 10x lens (degital zoom of 3x lens) ) Therefore, it cannot be out of focus because the distance to the images is too short.

Can I resolve the issue with setting any parameters when I purchase it and install?

Hello, @kusuhito_gabacho, thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, there is no way in the plugin to adjust a zoom function. The list of things you can change is a Barcode type, scan-frequency, Camera Mode etc - http://prntscr.com/rreqo1

Also, our Tech Team is into an updating process of the QR & Barcode Reader v.2, thus soon you can enjoy much more stable work of a plugin. When the update will be available, I inform you and ask to update a plugin version on your side & test the changes.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding.

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Hello, kate. Thanks for replying.
I understand that. I’m looking forward to the QR & Barcode Reader v.2.
Finally, I want to my appreciation for your suggestion.

(I’m sorry if my English is not good.)

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