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Click and Hover Effects broken?

I have been using click and hover effects for a bubble project, but recently it seems to have broken for me. A large amount of the buttons and shapes I use it for when clicking suddenly don’t animate at all. They have the right ID’s and everything, but there is no rhyme or reason as to which effects works and which don’t. I have tried everything, renaming the ID’s, remaking the buttons, remaking the add-animations but nothing seems to work for the ones that are broken. It can’t be just me as I even went on the demo for the plugin and that page was broken too. I have used firefox and chrome and both have the same effect.


Hi @jgordon,

Thanks for reaching out. We are aware of the problem and will try solve it, then get back to you as soon as we fix it. Apologies for inconveniences.


Hi @jgordon, I’m reaching out to notify you that we have fixed the plugin issue and it should be working properly. Please do upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try. Thanks for understanding!

Thanks for the update, I can see it works now, however, all my buttons that used the same add-animation plugin still don’t work, despite their ID’s being separated by a comma. They work fine when they each have their own animation object though.

Hi @jgordon, could you please share screenshots of the problem and describe what you are trying to achieve, so I can better understand whether it’s still a plugin issue or not and try help you back. I would also appreciate any additional details and perhaps link to your app. Thanks!

In the following gif I have 2 buttons, one ID’d as q1 and the other as q2. The animation only has the q1 ID. When I add a comma and the ID of the 2nd one q2, neither of them work anymore, even though it should be fine separated by comma, unless I have made a mistake in how it is input into the element ID field for the plugin


Hi @jgordon, thanks for this feedback. Unfortunately, this feature is not available, our plugin page was outdated and we made adjustments. Apologies for misleading. However, the elements work fine when they each have their own animation object, so you should be good to go this way. Thanks for understanding :pray:

Hey I know it’s been a while but I am having the same issue I had when I started this thread. Suddenly none of the click effects on my app are working anymore. I have tried making more test buttons and animation effects but they don’t work.

Hi @jgordon,

Thanks for reaching out. It’s been a while, indeed. We have managed to launch newer versions to this plugin, so please upgrade it to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again.

But please make sure that everything is configured properly. For instructions how to set the ID attribute to a Bubble element, please visit this How to add ID attribute to HTML elements. As well as check our editor here https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=click_hover_effect&id=zeroqode-demo-04&tab=tabs-1 to see how everything is set up and perhaps replicate all settings.

Note: take into consideration that our plugin is mostly using CSS, so if you’re using any other custom CSS in your project – they might interfere and our plugin will not work as expected.


Thanks for the reply @alexander.

I have checked the app in our project’s plugin list and as far as the bubble plugin page tells us we are at the current version which according to bubble is 1.8.0. I have tried going into a test page and filling out the element ID and doing the same with an animation plugin but it does not seem to be working. I have looked at the demo page and followed along with the set up but still it doesn’t seem to be working.

@alexander I just checked our debugger and it had this error in it

The plugin Click and Hover Effects / element add-animation threw the following error: ReferenceError: $jscomp is not defined
at eval (PLUGIN_Click-and-Hover-Effects-update–add-animation-.js:3:77)
at eval (PLUGIN_Click-and-Hover-Effects-update–add-animation-.js:4:53) (please report this to the plugin author)

Thanks for feedback @jgordon.

In this case, could you please go to Settings - Collaboration tab within your editor. Add our [email protected] account to your collaborator’s list. Also, please tell us your app name and page name where this problem occurs on test.

Note: avoid the warning message regarding plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

We’ll investigate it inside your app and get back to you with a feedback asap.

@alexander Thanks for the reply. unfortunately I am not the owner of my app, I could talk to my boss about it. Is there is a private means we could communicate this potential exchange of information?

Sure @jgordon, if you’d like talking privately, you can write a DM to me and proceed with further updates. The idea is that you only have to add our support account to your collaborator’s list (with app owner allowance, of course) then we’ll simply check on it and our plugin within your editor, to see the property editor settings and popping error on preview. When you share the access to your application, we receive a private email of course and that’s it. But we’ll also need the app name and page name so you can confirm we’ll be investigating it in the right place. These details you can write in DM if you will!

Hi @jgordon,

We have already managed to find the reason to this error and fix it. Please upgrade to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again. It was a compiling related problem when pushing an update to plugins and Bubble decides to minify the code. We just had to launch it one more time without this option and everything should be running smoothly on your side as well.


Unfortunately I am still getting the same errors.


Thanks for feedback and sorry for trouble. Could you please notify me after you receive a reply from the app owner, so we can check on it inside your editor and investigate. Because this problem should’ve disappeared after latest update. I’ll be waiting for updates. :pray:

Yes, sorry for the wait, I will hopefully be in contact with the owner soon.

Hi @jgordon,

Issue has been fixed. Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again.

Thanks for your patience!