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Dynamic Height and Width of Bubble Elements - New Plugin from Zeroqode

We have just published a new plugin - Dynamic Height and Width of Bubble Elements.
This plugin would allow you to dynamically change any element’s height/width depending on the viewport or page size.
In case you choose the “keep proportion” option please make sure the element that you apply it to has “fixed width” enabled, otherwise the responsive settings might conflict with the plugin width adjustment.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit https://zeroqode.com/plugin/dynamic-height-and-width-of-bubble-elements-1531219051458x936969735410548700

If you have questions about this plugin or need any help, please reach out at https://forum.zeroqode.com.

For instructions how to set the ID attribute to a Bubble element please visit this ID attribute guide:

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Hi, I got a little confused. How different is it from the native ability to change sizes of elements in bubble?

Hey Felipe,
Bubble doesn’t have native ability to dynamically change sizes unless it’s the responsive settings (which is different).

I’m using this and I would love to have a function that can adjust the element to another element or determine the absolute X and Y…

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@peter2 Suggestion is a really good one. If you are able to get an element to dynamically adjust its height between two elements that would be amazing.

@levon. I just acquired the Plugin. It is amazing but I could not make it work on a group that is not visible on page load and just made visible when a custom state changes. Am I doing something wrong or does the plugin not have this capability? Thanks

Hello, @paulo.d.miri
Thanks for using our plugin.

Allow me to point out that in case you added a Custom State, you need to create a special Workflow for it.

First of all, please be sure that you have indicated the required ID Attribute in the plugin element. Also, do not forget to set a Correct Condition.

Please find my screenshot:

Please find the example of instruction for setting your use-case:

  1. You need to create a Button, which will create the conditions for the change of custom state:

  2. Workflow for this Button must be the next:

  3. Also, for correct work of your Custome state, you need to create an Event for the state:

Hope my advice will help you.