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Easy File Downloader - New Plugin From Zeroqode

We have just published a new plugin
Easy File Downloader - very often we need to allow users to download certain files. Usually the way to do it in Bubble is to use “navigate to an external URL” workflow action providing the file URL to download. This is a feasible workaround but users see as a new tab is opening in their browser for the moment. Also, if the file to download is an image, audio or pdf then those files will simply open in a new tab without being downloaded. This plugin allows you to implement the file download feature with just one workflow action where you indicate the URL of the file that should be downloaded, be it an image or any other file.

You can also track the progress, by adding element event “when file downloaded”, that fires each time, the file becomes ready for download.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit https://zeroqode.com/plugin/easy-file-downloader-1530097438304x820649115444576300

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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We are using this plugin and it works great but we have a requirement to download multiple files (the count varies dynamically). Is there a technique we can use with this control to do that or could that be added to it’s functionality? We tried chaining multiple “Download File” actions but it does not work consistently and will skip files. Thanks!

Hi @AZDryHeat
we’ll try to add this to the functionality and we’ll let you know soon.

@AZDryHeat hello, we have enabled multiple file download option for this plugin. Please upgrade to the latest plugin version, refresh the browser and give it a try

Just tested and it works great! Thanks for the quick turnaround!

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The origin “https://website.com” has sent too many requests.
The number of requests is limited to 200 per 60 minutes. Please self-host CORS Anywhere if you need more quota. See https://github.com/Rob--W/cors-anywhere#demo-server

Anyone can help me with this?

Hi @ben
sorry for such a delay. We have fixed the issue and pushed an update to the plugin. Please upgrade and give it a try.


Is there any manual somewhere ? I made things go straight about one file, but regarding multiple files, I can’t find a way.

Thank you,


Ok I just found out. It’s not very clear that we must provide LISTS of URL’s, both sides, input and output (even that’s sounds quite logical).

Would it be possible to get only one ZIP at the end ?

There are other lugins out there, but Zeroqode has the only one with that precious “when download is over” event, which allows to hide a spinner, for example.

Without the ability to build a ZIP, I still must work with other products.

Hi @michelduprez,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, there is no manual for this plugin, but you can check the demo editor here https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=file_downloader&id=zeroqode-demo-07&tab=tabs-1 to preview all plugin settings and workflows to see how it works.

Could you please describe with more details what you are trying to accomplish. It would be best to share screenshots of your app and workflow, so I could tell you more about plugin possibilities.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply.

My point is just to know if the plugin could generate a Zip with the multiple files we feed him with, instead of a file list.



Hi @michelduprez,

Unfortunately, the plugin cannot target a specific file type and generate a .zip with multiple files that you upload, it just downloads whatever file type you upload into your database. However, it is possible to upload and download .zip with no problem, whether it comprises a single or multiple files.

Thank you.

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Thank you very much Alex.

Always welcome @michelduprez!

If you like our plugin so far, could you please rate it by going to Plugins tab in Bubble editor? You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves.

The more feedback we get, the more motivated to build great plugins!

Thanks! :pray:

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Hello, @levon
I am plannign to use this plugin to dowmload gif.
As far, I tried to download gif file using " File downloader " (https://bubble.io/plugin/file-downloader-1539124824422x194279356396994560), but when I do action “download”, the gif file converted into multiple pictures ( not movie like file)

Is it possible to download gif into iphone native photo app with this plugin?

Hi @immortal.solution.kn,

Thanks for reaching out. Please let us check on our plugin and I’ll notify you back asap!


Hi @immortal.solution.kn,

Yes, it is possible to download .gif files properly, and if you’re on an iPhone, it is possible to download it and open with native Photos app. You’ll just have to select ‘Save to Images’.


Hi, @alexandru.rusnac
Thank you for confirming.
OK, I will buy this plugin ! Thanks!

Hi @immortal.solution.kn,

Thanks for feedback. Sure, please check its editor here and test demo here, so you can preview how it works and all its settings, as well as features.

Hope it helps.

Hi @alexandru.rusnac
I tried downloading gif file.
When I run the plugin with my iphone, after the downloading the page goes to
So, I mean I want to know how can I download the gif file into my native iphone’s native photo app.

What do you mean “select”?
In the workflow,I can’t see such an option.