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Events like Eventbrite - New Template from Zeroqode

We have just published a new template - Events like Eventbrite:
This responsive template is an events marketplace template that helps you create platform like EventBrite for event organizers to list, manage and sell tickets for their events and for people to easily discover events around the world.

Main features of this template are:
Robust searching with filtering by keywords, date, location & category and sorting by date or relevance.

  • Fully mobile responsive design for all pages.

  • Easy same-page editing for event organisers.

  • Ticket ordering system like EventBrite with multiple registrations on checkout.

  • Stripe payments with multi-currency support.

  • Event organizer profiles with user profiles as fallback.

  • Multiple ticket types (free, paid, donation).

  • Event manager/reports for sales.

  • Add to calendar buttons for Google and Yahoo.

  • Social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp.

  • Post-ordering ticket/registration editing for user-buyers.

For more information check out this documentation https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/events-like-eventbrite-template.

Here is the preview link : https://eventstemplate.bubbleapps.io/

and a screenshot:


For any questions regarding this template please post on Zeroqode Forum at https://forum.zeroqode.com

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hey Levon,

First of all I have to say that I really love your product and would definitely recommend it to anyone out there, even if you can code, as it is much easier and faster to create a beautiful and functional MVP using zeroqodes Templates.

I have two minor issues/questions regarding this template:

  1. In preview mode when I update some information (for example my Adress) in the 'my profile’ section and click on save ,the information will not save. I have checked and the ‘Save’ Button has no workflow attached to it. Could you send me the instructions on how to fix this.

  2. Another minor bug: on the 'my events’ page when a user has created events as a draft and the date of the drafts starts to be in the past, they will move in into the ‘past events’ tab, but still the message ’no past events’ will be shown. I have attached a screenshot to this messafge so that you can understand it better. I have just translated the text to German.

Thank you for your time!

Hi @nl.lorenz

Here are the instructions on how to fix both issues:

  1. To save profile
  • Start a workflow for the save button
  • Add a “Make changes to current user” action
  • Add all the fields and their corresponding input fields that you want the user to be able to save/update
  • Add a “Element Actions> Show Message” action to display “Changes saved” alert after saving
  1. To fix events view bug
  • Click on events repeating group
  • Go to conditional tab
  • Click on “filtered” in the datasource expression of the 2nd condition for past events
  • Add constraint like so “Status < > Draft”
  • Search for “Group empty state”
  • Go to conditional tab
  • Click on “filtered” in the when expression of the 2nd condition
  • Change constraint “Status = Live” to “Status < > Draft”
  • Click the text within empty state group
  • Go to conditional tab
  • Click on “filtered” in the when expression of the 1st condition
  • Change constraint “Status = Live” to “Status < > Draft”

This should resolve the issues you have. If it doesn’t work please let me know.

Thank you very much! I could fix both things :+1:.


I have another question/query.
When a user decides to book an event, by pressing the “Get Tickets” Button, the “Popup Order” Popup opens. The user can then select the ticket he wants and then proceed the checkout. The only problem however is that the user can choose 0 as the quantity of tickets to be booked, and then still can go to checkout, proceeding to book 0 tickets which obviously doesn’t make sense. I tried to disable this by giving the “Checkout” Button a conditional statement for when the ticket dropdown value is 0 the button shouldn’t be clickable. However when doing this I can’t seem to find the Dropdown and insert it. Could you please take a look and advise me what to do.

Kind Regards

you can rename the drop down in a way that you can easily find it when you create a condition for the button. I

I have encountered another bug unfortunately.
When an event is created, and I go to the “manage” page and then select the “Orders” Menu, an input will appear where the user can search for orders by name, email or order id. What I noticed however is that when you start searching for names, order ids or emails, all the orders for all events will be shown in the repeating group below and not only the orders for this specific event.
I hope you understand what I mean. I have attached a screenshot of the place where this happens (I have translated my site to german)

Looking forward to your reply,

need to have access again to your app, Noel, to check this issue

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but did you test this after we solved the issue with the background? it might be related and could have been solved too when we solved the background issue

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never mind, the issue is something else, we’ll help you out shortly

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Hi @nl.lorenz

To fix the issue follow these instructions:

  • While on the manage page and viewing the orders group, click on the Search&Autocorrect plugin element (Blue and yellow magnifier lens)
  • Click on the “search for orders” datasource expression
  • Add a constraint like so “event = Parent group’s event”

This will limit the orders to the specific event.

Best Regards

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It worked! Thanks a lot.


Hello again,

now that I have deployed my application and tested it on my smartphone, I have encountered to more bugs for the mobile view:

  1. When you create an event and then go to the “manage” tab and then the “orders menu”, there are only static entries for the same non-existent user “John Doe” and real orders are shown.

  2. When creating an event and then going on to “Edit” the event, the side panel is not visible and it is therefore not possible to change between the different menus and/or leave the editing mode again.

I have attached screenshots to explain the bugs.

Kind Regards,

Hi @nl.lorenz

This one is a little trickier but hope you can get it done:

For the first bug what you want is to copy the dynamic content from the desktop version of the order list cell to the mobile version. But first you need to do something.

  • Make sure the parent elements of those static texts have a type of content “order” and data source “parent group’s order”
  • When you have done the above, copy the content from desktop version of Tickets, Anzahl, Betrag and Zeitpunkt to the corresponding mobile versions. To do this right click in the content box (make sure you’re not hovering over the blue colored expression but still within the box) and then click “Copy”. Copy and not Copy expression.
    Paste accordingly.
    For the first text in the purple colored box. You need to:
    – Highlight “John” and replace with dynamic expression “Parent group’s order’s buyer’s first_name”
    – Highlight “Doe” and replace with dynamic expression “Parent group’s order’s buyer’s last_name”
    – Highlight "[email protected]" and replace with dynamic expression “Parent group’s order’s buyer’s email”

For the second issue

  • Go to sidepanels reusable element
  • Click pick an element and then search for “Button hide tickets panel”
  • Go to conditional tab of that element and add a condition with the expression: "Sidemenu’s current is empty and current page width <= 429
  • Right Click the element (Button hide tickets panel) to copy it’s conditional formatting
  • Paste the conditional formatting for the following elements: Button hide details panel, Button hide payments panel, Button hide settings panel

Also in the all orders group. Right click the search box and replace by another element of type Input. (It is currently multiline Input)
Before doing this copy the placeholder and the id attribute so you can paste them back after the replacement because Bubble will wipe them afterwards.

Please let me know if you need any more help.

Best Regards,

thank you for your message. I was able to solve the first problem, however I am stuck on the second one.
For the conditional statement of the hide button, which property should change? Also the problem is that the side panel still doesn’t show at all when viewed on a phone.

Kind Regards,


Sorry about the second issue. You do need to make some additional updates for it to work well.

  • While in sidepanels reusable element, click on sidemenu element and then click on the element inspector button. It is the “i” icon at the top right of the element editor box.
  • After you do the above you would see the “current” state of the element. Clear the default value.
  • Go to workflow tab and add a new event of type “Do when condition is true”. Set Run this to “Every time” and then the When expression should be “Sidemenu’s current is empty and Current Page width > 429”

What this does is that on mobile it allows the side menu to show first and then user will choose a tab to view. When they click the back button within any tab it would hide that tab and show the side menu again. The Do when condition is true event simply defaults the tab to “details” when on desktop or larger screen size than 420px.

Hope this helps.


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It worked! Thank you very much for the amazing support.

I have another quick question. The application saves the time in the UTC timezone. Is there a way to changes this to CET? My users are in the CET timezone, but when they create or book an event it is saved in UTC. This makes it quite confusing, as I have created an automatic email that is sent out to users once they book an event, and it fetches the time when the event starts and displays it in the email. However it is always shows the UTC time which has 2 hours difference.
Kind Regards,

Hi @nl.lorenz

Have you tried adding a “formatted as” expression to your date in the email? Doing so will enable you change the timezone of the email. Bubble stores as UTC but by default it displays in the user’s timezone unless you format it differently. But this only happens within the browser. For emails you have to do the formatting because Bubble can’t detect the timezone of en email recipient.

Let me know if this helps.

Best Regards,

Yes it did! thank you.

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