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Events like Eventbrite - New Template from Zeroqode

I just noticed that the “searching by keyword” functionality does not work. So on the index page if a user types in a certain keyword, it is not applied in the results on the “events” page. It works on the demo: http://eventstemplate.bubbleapps.io/ , but then I checked by creating a fresh bubble app using the template and it also doesn’t work there.
Any idea what the issue could be?
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Hi @nl.lorenz

Can you please grant me access to your application at mckorode@gmail.com. I think there was a bug that was fixed in the original template but I need to look into yours to figure out the changes made.


I’m having an issue with the edit event side panel. It looks like the EventPanel group is longer than the Reusable Element Sidepanels causing the bottom to overhang with no container behind it. I enlarged the Reusable container and adjusted its length on the event page but it is not appearing like your demo version with its own scrollbar, it is elongated all the way down to the footer.

Hello, can you pleas share screenshots or even better a recorded video (https://www.useloom.com) to demonstrate the issue please? We’ll then try to fix it asap

Here you go. Compared to the demo version Event page:
1.Notice how the Edit Event Tab is horizontal instead of vertical and it is not in a fixed position on the page while scrolling down.
2. Once clicked, the Sidepanels Reusable Element opens, but the Details section elongates awkwardly to the footer instead of having its own scroll bar like the demo.

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We checked what you pointed out, we improved some UI elements and fixed the issues you seem to have. As you notice the Edit Event button is placed vertically and has fixed position while scrolling the page down. As for Details section there is scroll bar in place. (screenshot attached)

Please take a look at the updated version: https://eventstemplate.bubbleapps.io/
Thanks for understanding.

Thanks but how do I update the template I already have? I tried creating a new demo app but the issues are still there.

Sorry, the fixes were not deployed. Please try creating a new app now, the issues should be gone.

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Just tried creating a new one and it’s still the same.

can you share a screencast please?

Here you go. A new app created just now and left the New App Assistant displaying to prove it is new.

Was this ever fixed on the template? It’s not working on mine which I purchased 2 weeks ago.

we are checking this and will update asap. thanks for your patience

Sorry for the late response @dalberts
Notifications did not reach me on time.

Have you checked this box?

If you have and it’s still not working please let me know.

Yes it is checked and it is still not working. Also I’m still waiting for the template do be updated to match the UI of the demo version. The Edit Event feature is still wrong on new apps.

So we figured out that it’s actually not a bug and the reason might be that the app that you create based on a template is on a hobby plan. In the template we use custom CSS in the header settings which is supported only on personal and higher paid plans of Bubble. We will try to change this by using a free plugin instead of CSS in custom headers and that should solve it. Alternatively you may want to subscribe the app to personal plan to see it works fine.

HI @dalberts
Sorry for the delay. Please try the following steps below

  1. Copy the all the styles here:

  2. Add a “Add/Edit Head Tags” workflow action and edit the content by changing script tag to style tag and removing script inside:

  3. Paste Styles from step 1:

Let me know if the solves the problem

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Also, we have updated the template to include the changes that Yinka has mentioned above. So if you create a new app it should be all good now.
Please confirm

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Thanks, it now works on new apps and I was able to integrate it into my existing app as well. One small issue is the slight delay it takes in rotating the Edit Event Button on Page Load. I’ve attached a recording.