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Hello there @nicedwar, we will check this one request, and I will be back of a matter ASAP.

Thank you,


Hey @nicedwar, regarding the question above, you are able to define some restrictions regarding the location here, but the modifying dropdown isn’t possible.

And regarding the message below, I will be back ASAP.

Thank you,


Thanks @Nikita.S

I will see if I can set broad restrictions or something. Could you look into something like disabling ipbias in Google Places, and exposing that to the plugin?:

Also I’d like to report a possible bug. When I select a location from the dropdown by clicking on it, the value of the input doesn’t change from what the user originally typed in. So if I type ‘san’ and click ‘San Diego’, the value stays as ‘san’, although the visible text does change to ‘San Diego’.
If I type ‘san’ and use arrow and Enter keys to make a selection, the input’s value changes properly to reflect the visible text. The dropdown selections seem to highlight in color with the keyboard as well, but gray with the mouse.

Mouse selection keeps old value (same for mobile I believe):

Keyboard gets correct value:

It would be great if this could be fixed, as I’d like to try clearing the user’s location selection if the value of the input changes, but I can’t do this currently.


Hello @nicedwar

Sorry for late response here, let me jump in here.

Please give us some time to check this out, we’ll be back to you with an update on the matter asap.
Thanks for understanding. :pray:



Hello @nicedwar

Sorry for late reply, we’ve working things out with the plugin and we pushed an update regarding the bug you’ve encountered with the input and state of the input you’ve been getting.

As far as IPBias goes, I’m afraid we can not implement this and it’s an out of scope feature which will require a lot more to rethink in plugin right now.
Thanks for understanding. :pray:

Please upgrade to latest version of plugin, place the element on page, follow the instructions setup of the demo, refresh the page and give it a try.



Hello @Dumitru. Thanks for the update. I can confirm that the input’s value seems to be properly updating now. Do you know if there is anyway do directly set or clear the autocomplete element’s data when the input’s value changes? I was hoping to implement this, but I don’t see any set or clear functionality exposed. Is it all handled internally by clicking the dropdown?

I see that the new 1.12 update returns “entire selected address”. Is this necessary to properly set the input’s value? Previously, the input was filled in with a much nicer combination of Place Name and Address. Can this info be set to the input’s value? Just the address can be ugly/unclear sometimes. I’ll attach examples:



From the documentation I linked before, I am guessing that there might be ways to use the Places API’s address_components[] to get the best output.


Hello @nicedwar

Sorry for late reply here. :pray:

We checked the requests, and fixed the display of the names in the input alongside the address and added new action for Autocomplete Element, to Reset the Element.
Please upgrade to latest version of plugin, refresh the app, and give it a try.




Apologies from me as well. I have to nitpick one more thing. To be clear, 1.11 was outputting a smarter combination of Place Name and Full Address. Example:
If the Place was Moscow,
and the Address was Moscow, Russia,
making a selection would combine them intelligently, and set the input to Moscow, Russia.

1.13 is now just combining the Place and Address together, as Moscow, Moscow, Russia.
This isn’t a big deal for my Joshua Tree + California example, but looks funny when the address contains the name.

Is it possible to keep the smart combination from 1.11, with the input value fix?

I tested the reset action, and it seems to work. I will be adding a check to see if the input’s value contains the autocomplete’s Place Name, and resetting the autocomplete if false.


Hello @nicedwar

We added exclusion for cases which have Name + Address which repeat itself like the example offered by you, where the Name is contained in the Address as well: Moscow, Moscow, Russia .

Please upgrade to latest version of plugin, refresh the app and give it a try.


Thanks @Dumitru. The addresses seem to come through a lot cleaner and with greater detail now!

I am having a hard time getting the autocomplete to properly reset when the input is empty. That type of workflow doesn’t seem to work. But we might be getting into the particulars of how Bubble works vs. the plugin.



Was the ability to hold the results in a state taken away from this plugin?



Hello @jonathan

I’m afraid not sure what are you talking about. Could you offer more details on the issue you’ve encountered?


Hi @Dumitru yes happy to explain and sorry for not being more clearly. So I remember in this plugin there used to be a dropdown in the main bubble editor that said “show results in” and then the options were input and state. If you chose that you wanted the options shown in a state than what you could do is take the results that would normally appear right below the input when you started typing a place and then show them in a custom ui of your choosing in a repeating group for example. This functionality looks like it was put into the plugin in version 1.2.0 and removed after - the description of the functionality in the plugin upgrade panel in bubble for 1.2.0 was “Predictions can be disabled from input and shown in state”


Thanks @jonathan for details.

I see now. Yes indeed, it was removed in order to simplify the plugin use case.
Thanks for understanding.



Hi Dumitru,

Ok understood, it’s not a huge deal but it would definitely be nice to create a custom UI for searching geographic places and having this be back in and I’m sure there’s a lot of other people who would want that as well. Any chance this can be put back in?

If it can’t be put back in, can you lead me towards the google documentation that would allow me to configure this on my own using API connector?



Hello @jonathan

Sorry for late response.

I’m afraid it’s not going to be put this propriety any time soon. We’ll take a look at it if can be feasibly implemented, but not right away.
Sorry. :pray:

As for guidance, regarding implementing it by API connector, not really sure if it is a API request for the matter. I believe it was a custom solution implemented.
More about Places API, see it here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/places#top_of_page

Hope this helps :pray:



Ok I understand, thanks!


Is it possible to change the type of Places image field to be “image” instead of text?



@levon ? Any answer on this?


Hello @ff591377

Sorry for late response.
I’m afraid it is not possible. What we are getting from Google when requesting details is not an image file container, but rather a photo_reference string which contains the photo with respective parameters.
More can be found here: https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/photos

Thanks for understanding. :pray: