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File uploads > 50MB + Video Capture - New Plugin from Zeroqode


@andisayhey Hello.

Sorry for the delay, there is a a possibility to stream the uploaded video content in your app.
The steps you’ll need to make it working:

  1. Add Uploadcare’s List of File URL
  2. Right next to that without spaces add Uploadcare’s List of File Names
    This will work file uploads and only one file at a time.

Regarding the stretching issue, we change it’s height to 80% for the container to fit in mobile browsers.

Also you could look at our demo for the plugin with Video Playback from Uploadcare’s List of file URL files and how it set: https://zeroqode-demo-03.bubbleapps.io/version-test/uploadcare

Zeroqode Team.


Thank you for your reply.

I tried this method but it did not work for me.

For my work flow, it is very simple. Uploadcare triggers my post group to show up for the current user and this post group contains the video player which contains a dynamic link: List of File URL and List of File Names right next to it without spaces. I tried both Zeroqode’s video player and Video JS.

Here are screenshots.

(ignore the picture uploader element in the background, it doesn’t show if the uploader is empty and the posting group just contains both elements)



I found how to do it! For the dynamic link in the video player, the first part should be Uploadcare A’s File URL/File Group URL

Now it should work (but I changed the player to HTML 5 Player…This did not work in Video JS player…I will try Zeroqode’s player again and update you.)

For the one video at a time issue, I want my users to be able to share the video so I will see if I could add a workflow for post creation to create a post with the video. I will update you on this as well.

(For video data type would it be the same expression in bubble/link saved text form?)

I will purchase your plugin for the full price. Thank you so much for your help.


Only additional feature I wish existed is a way to limit upload size by limiting upload quality automatically. I know we can limit upload size by limiting the video time, but I would like to limit the actual video quality to no more than 480p. I might just have to upgrade to Uploadcare’s higher tier pricing.


Hello, Andi.

We may look into it if it’s possible on our side, but this will take some time. Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team.



I am having issues with setting up the plugin to only use video capture. I unchecked the box for “Allow Photo Capture” but the plugin will still display a “take a photo” button. I would like to make sure it only shows the “record a video” option. Unchecking the box for photo does not seem to help.


Hi Andi,
did you check the demo page for this plugin? https://zeroqode-demo-03.bubbleapps.io/uploadcare
editor mode: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=uploadcare&id=zeroqode-demo-03&tab=tabs-1


Any chance to get this plugin to return a type of file so we can save from uploadcare to bubble S3? via :Save to S3


Hi Jon,
what’s the point in doing that? this plugin is used to upload files which are more than 50 MB, these kind of files can’t be stored in Bubble even if we return a state of file type. And if the files you are going to upload are less than 50 MB then why using this plugin when you can simply upload them directly in Bubble?


I want to use the widget to let my users upload an image (like a prolfile picture) and to save it to bubble.

I’m running into this other issue as well. Perhaps this is an issue of my approach so I’ll explain.

Unless you want to spend big bucks, uploadcare has a relatively small amount of included storage of 7.5gb for the basic plan. Even the larger plans are 250gb for $99 month, which is clearly not meant for perminant storage.

If you are uploading large files, that means some sort of workflow needs to then transfer those files out from UC to external storage (AWS, Drive, etc) and then delete those file from UC relatively quickly to maintain the space needed to receive uploads. In the case of many small files, it seems like a bad practice to leave those in UC because they begin to erode the space you need in UC to temporarily hold your large files.

So an image that the user wants to upload (and then we want to display for them quickly) the workflow to transfer from UC to external storage (whatever that may be) and then to get confirmation that the file is transferred successfully to external storage and then save that url to the Db is bit involved and slow. Honestly, I don’t have a solution for figuring out when the file is successfully transferred out to external storage and so this has the makings of a cumbersome UX.

If we want to show the user their image uploaded from UC directly and immediately thats fine I guess, but then we need to consider asome kind of background API workflow that then make sure the file gets transferred out to external storage and the Db is updated and the UC files are removed. It all seems a bit involved but perhaps this is just how it works? Thanks for the prompt reply.


Hi Jon,
why do you need any plugin for simply uploading images? Just use bubble’s image uploader and upload it directly into your bubble app without any third party. That will be the fastest and cheapest (free) solution.
All these additional uploading plugins are mostly to overcome Bubble’s file uploading size limit of 50MB. If your users are simply going to upload profile pictures or something similar you don’t need any plugin for that.