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FileUploader NoGUI problem when used in Repeating Group

Hi there,

I’m using the AWS FileUploaderNoGui in a repeating group. The functionality works fine and I get the proper data returned when the file is uploaded.

My Problem: I need to know the index number of the cell that called the FileUploader. Look at my image below. The blue Upload button has the FileUploader on it (denoted by the dashed line). I am setting a custom state to capture which index number of the row that clicked it. No matter which row clicks it, the index ALWAYS returns “1”, or the first row. I have created a workflow --> “FileUploadNoGUI Upload End” which will set a custom state to that particular index number. Again, it only returns “1” as the index no matter which row it it clicked from. I don’t have this issue clicking on any other element in my RG.

For example, I set up an event when the blue button gets clicked to show me the index of the row and that of course works just fine. Any ideas on what may be going on? Workarounds?

Also, is it possible to launch the FileUploadNoGUI from a workflow action when clicking on another element and not having to click directly on the FileUploadNoGUI element itself?

Thanks @underhill.dan,

Please let us investigate with our team and get back to you asap!


Thanks Alex for your prompt reply. :slight_smile:

Any input on this as of yet?

Hi @underhill.dan,

Thanks for catching up. Yes, our developer team is already working on this issue because it seems to be a problem on our end. Please let us fix it and I’ll notify you asap, so you can upgrade to the newest version and have all fixes on your side as well!


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Any update on this yet? I also need to add a file in a repeating group, but the file always adds to the first entry in the group.


Hi @steve.middleton,

Thanks for catching up. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an update yet because our developers still work on this issue, but you can be sure that I’ll notify as soon as we have updates :pray:


Hi guys @underhill.dan @steve.middleton,

We’ve finally pushed an update with latest fixes. Now, you are able to use the NoGUI uploader in a RepeatingGroup and manage the uploads based on current cell, retrieving the appropriate index.

Please upgrade to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try again.

Thanks for your patience. :pray: