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Google calendar offline plugin invalid format



I purchased the google calendar +offline plugin recently but can’t seem to get part of it to work. My app has a calendar, and I believe I have successfully linked the in-app calendar to the current users google calendar when they sign in with it.

I would like when a user makes an event in their in-app calendar, for it to appear in their google calendar also. In the workflow I have a ‘create a calendar event’ step as follows:

(path) calendar_id: current users’ email
(header) content_type: application/json
(body) start_time: date/time picker A’s value
(body) end_time: date/time picker A’s value +(hours):1
(body) summary: Appointment with input e.g. John Smith’s value

However when I try it out, I get this error:

I’m not sure if it’s an error with the formatting of my date/time input, that maybe the google api can’t understand? Does anyone have any ideas?



Hey Charlie, yes, indeed, the issue with the formatting of your dates.
here is the format used by Google and tested by us to work
this date is passed as a text value, so you basically need to push a text string which would be compiled of pieces returned by Bubble date field.
If you struggle with that send a screenshot of how you try to do that and I’ll try to help you out


Hi levon, thanks for your reply. I’m pretty sure I’ve got this wrong, is it just the ‘formatted as:’ i need to change?

Here’s what I’ve got now:



Looks good but instead hh:mm+hh:mm it should be hh:mm:ss+00:00
(you forgot to include seconds and the last +00:00 is the adjustment of the time zone which is not required I guess) - other than that it should be good to go, but give it a try and let me know if it worked.


Hi Levon,

I’m still getting an error message but I think I’m nearly there, this is what I have now:

The error I am getting says:

invalid value for: invalid format:
“\2018-05-04P12:05:00” is malformed at “P12:05:00”

Thanks again


I wonder why Bubble sends P when it should send T
I would suggest you open a bug report with bubble at https://bubble.is/bug_report


ok I’ll do that now



Hi levon,

I’ve spoken to bubble support and they have said I need to include the T outside of the formatted as:, reason being that T has a preset value being the first part of PM if you write ‘tt’. I still cannot get it to work however, you don’t know how I should write this with that in mind now do you?



There is a way, I will try to describe it tomorrow morning.


So, here is how to do that,
First, choose simplified ISO for “formatted as” expression (see screenshot)

next, add :find&replace expression as shown on this screenshot

and voila

Hope this helps


Thanks levon! That works great now



Hi there! I’m actually having a similar problem… Although I’m no longer getting error messages. The workflow runs without displaying errors and behaves seemingly correctly. But, the calendar event just never shows up in Google. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot from here since I can’t find a way to understand what’s going wrong. Any help you could provide would be huge!

By the way, If I leave the attendee body and email blank, I DO get an error message about an invalid attendee email.

Here’s a screenshot of my settings.


Hello, Andrew thanks for reaching us!
Please try to fill out the attendee_email field, and comment to test if it is working after that.
Best regards, Vitalie.