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Google Sheets (service) by Jarrad


Hi, @jarrad , @levon any chance you could come back to me before the weekend?

I replied to an email that appears to have sorted the date, but the numbers (and perhaps other formats) still have the non-defined value issue as per screenshot when trying to get them back from Sheets.

Thanks, R.3e8e60d648690a48cc39cdc69f70f8c266582585_1_690x439


@jarrad , @levon

Also, I’ve noticed this issue a few times. Some (but not all - notice the last date Date P End (X for Y) is in the correct desired format) dates are formatted weirdly. As if in a different language. Consequently, the rest of the formulas that use these dates break.

Do you know what it is? Why? How to prevent?9b4fccb3f448753cf511fdae9851397e070ed279_1_689x403


@levon @jarrad Date issue happened again. Note this time it was the Date P End (X for Y) that’s incorrect and causing formulas in the rest of the sheet to break.

Let me know, please.

It would be great if you could get back to me on my previous messages and posts, or at least a timeline of when you might.

Many thanks, Richard.


@levon, @jarrad

Happened again. Think it pushes dates in different languages when other calls are queued before it. Hope you can solve along with the ability to call numbers and strings back to Bubble.

I’m trying to work out a way of correcting in Google Sheets if it happens but not there yet and not ideal.

Thanks in advance.

Please let me know.


@Levon @Jarrad

Have narrowed it down to it being French for some reason. Although it may differ each instance.

Although when it pushes Dec it pushes it as Dic which may Sheets way of displaying déc which is the French abbreviation for December.

Also the ‘foreign’ values are being formatted automatically by Google Sheets whereas the one correct value (December in this instance) are not formatted by Sheets.

Let me know.

Thanks, R.


Hi Richard,
Please accept our appologises that we kept you waiting so long.
The plugins from Jarrad are still quiet new for us, and we need some time, to understand theirs functions properly.
The way that bubble uses to format data, depends on the user settings on each individual PC. So some of your users may be located in France or having french copy of operating system, which makes theirs dates saved in own language.
In your case think will be enough to send the date formatted as “mm/dd/yy hh:MM tt” (with the month formatted as number), and than use google sheet to display it as text.



Thanks for coming back to me Karel. That’s not it actually as I’m the only user. The app is still in dev.

For the moment I’ve got a workaround in Sheets to reformat dates (using a VLOOKUP) however they show up from the plugin from Bubble.

In terms of priority, Jarrad was almost finished with the Google Sheets (service) that he was developing. It brings dates back ok, but Bubble won’t let the Get number or Get string call work because it says the data is undefined.

All the info is on Zeroqode forum posts I’ve added to.

I can’t move my app forward without the Google Sheets (service) plug in being able to retrieve numbers and strings in the same way it successfully retrieves dates.

I was discussing with Jarrad the development of some custom function for what I’m achieving (but not able to fully retrieve) by spreadsheet calculation in Sheets.

Would I talk to zeroqode about that now or Jarrad (although Jarrad isn’t responding to me at the moment).

Let me know please.

I’m a little in limbo.

Many, thanks, Richard.