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Google Sheets (service) by Jarrad


For some reason I keep getting the following error on my API that uses the same Get Dates and Get Numbers calls that has previously worked.

I’m wondering if there is a limit somewhere on how many or how frequent / consecutive calls are made to Sheets?

I’m running the calls in batches of 10 across each set of 60. So 6 API’s x 2 to get the total of 120 fields populated with the results Bubble side.

In the most recent configuration I tried ALL of the calls returned the screenshot error attached.

Do you know what it is? What I can do?

Thanks, R.


It’s not letting me know what the problem is.

See screenshot showing all the batches returning the same error.

Thanks, R.

@levon just tested one set of 6, and it only successfully ran one of them.

So it seems indiscriminate to me.

Let me know if you can find anything or let me know if you need anything else.



I think what I need may be beyond the Sheets plugin. All the issues reported above still stand. But even if corrected I think it’s still going to take too long (10 minutes plus) to get the data back into Bubble. On top of that I’m confident time-out issues are going to be a big problem too.

I have a brief drafted as well as the Sheet that does all the necessary calculation formulas for the results I need to get back out to Bubble along with the Workflows I’ve been trying / testing, and the ‘nearly’ complete MVP app. I think it’s enough to detail what I need.

Would you be happy to sign an NDA (can you give me an email so I can send as a Word file or PDF) so I can issue the documents so we can have a discussion about how you might be able to help?

I’m currently in Thailand for a period of time so I’m GMT +7, Bangkok time.

Let me know, thanks Levon.

Best, Richard.

@levon @karel

Hi, levon and or karel, can you come back to me on the error situation I’ve detailed above.

I can’t move on with any resolution. Still getting the same errors.

Please let me know. It’s been around 4 days since my last message and nearly a week since my last message from you

Is anyone looking into it? Thanks in advance.

See screenshot for what I tried this time. Bubble log shows ‘Workflow error - Raw error from Google Sheets - Get Sheet Values (Dates): {’ - no further explanation.


Would you agree to add us as collaborators so we can take a closer look at it? bubblestore@bubblewits.com

Hi, @karel Karel, thanks for coming back to me.

I’m on Personal Plan at the moment so can’t have collaborators.

But I’ve set the app to everyone can edit so you can go in.

If you need to preview and log into an account use

richardconner@me.com for username
TEST for password

Please let me know when you’re going in so I can leave you to it for as long as you need and I can then I can make it private again.

Let me know. Thanks Karel.

@karel is it likely you’ll get a look today? :slight_smile:

Yes definitively. Please allow me a moment.

Of course! And thank you.


Hi Karel / Jarrad, I was looking for Delete Spreadsheet and Copy Spreadsheet in the plugin.

I see I can copy individual sheets from one to another, but it would be great to do a Copy Spreadsheet in one action that includes all it’s sheets automatically?

Likewise the ability to Delete Spreadsheet is a requirement.

Do let me know if these already exist (I can’t find them), or if they are in progress/your pipeline.

Many thanks, Richard.

@jarrad @karel Bump :slight_smile:

Hi Richard,
sorry for making you wait…
I have just added delete file and copy file methods as well as list files so you can get the file id of the spreadsheet that you need to copy or delete because it’s not returned when you create a spreadsheet.
Please update the plugin version to the latest, refresh the editor and give it another try.
Thanks and sorry again for delayed response

Hi @jarrad @levon - I was wondering if you could please help me figure out my 403 error? From what I can tell this is common with the plugin so hopefully there’s a solution you’re already aware of.

I tried what @richardconner suggested on the Bubble thread i.e. allowing access to my email account, but that didn’t work. It is also already the owner of the sheet so not sure why that would be required.

Here’s the error that I’m getting and my app setup

what is the access rights of the spreadsheet that you are trying to access under service account? make sure that either the spreadsheet is created under that service account, or the spreadsheet can be accessed by anyone, or give access from the spreadsheet to your service account
if you tried the latter, which email address exactly you tried to authorize?

Thanks that worked! Didn’t realize that I needed to share the sheet with the iam.gserviceaccount.com user account

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Is it possible to use the Google Sheets Service plugin to grab multiple data types at the same time? For example, my spreadsheet has a column for date, text, and number. Can I get all of those three different data types with one call? Which “Get Sheet Values” option would I use?

If this isn’t possible, what’s the best way to do individual calls on each data type while maintaining row integrity? I.e. I want to make sure that the date, text, and value for row 2 all get stored together, same with row 3, etc.

Hello, @gbyron it will be little problem. You will need to call each type separately.
@jarrad Please correct me if I am wrong.

There should be different scenarios, so let me choose one way how to proceed:
Before calling each type separately, prepare table in bubble database (working/temporal table), that will have all needed columns with additional referral column “ID” or better to say “the order number of the row in your table” If you have four rows, than it will be 1,2,3,4,5.

Following columns will be used by each call and appropriate content type will be stored there.

Lets say that with first call there will be temporally saved all dates, (each row will be saved following exact row ID) Fo date from first excel row will be stored next to ID 1, dates from second row will be stored in DB row with ID 2 and so.
Than you continue and store into the same table also another data types following the same IDs.

Once all data stored into temporal table, you can call a workflow looping through all data in temporal table, and once all data processed, clean the temporal table for another use.

If you have any other Idea that you feel more effective I would very much like, to hear about it :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good solution, thanks! of course it would be easier if we can just call different types at the same time, @jarrad is that possible?

Hi, @levon

I’m paying $8 a month for the Google Sheets (Service) plugin.

I started it before the pay once option of $35 was available.

I’m taking a break (for other work reasons) from working on my app and want to minimise costs during that period.

How do I move from the monthly to the pay once option? I understanding I’d need to pay the $35 in full.

Is it straightforward? Would I have to cancel the plug-in subscription and buy again?

If that’s the case would it just be a matter of re-entering ID keys etc. in the setup? Or would all references to the plugin be nulled and broken in my app (because the plug-in is removed / cancelled), meaning I’d have to set up all the actions and workflows from scratch?

If there was a way to just change the billing. rather than the app setup that would be great.

Please let me know.

Thanks, in advance.

Best, Richard.