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Google Sheets (service) by Jarrad


Hey Richard,
simply unsubscribe from the monthly and buy with the one time payment. It should just work smoothly after that


Thanks for coming back to me so quickly Levon.

So to double check. If I unsubscribe the references in the actions to the specific calls enabled by the plugins won’t just show as will they? I’m paranoid all the fields and things will ‘dissappear’ and I’ll have to rebuild.

Can’t test it myself obviously.

Are you sure it won’t?

Many, thanks, Richard.


Hi Richard, it won’t :wink:


Thanks Johnmark, for reassurance :slight_smile:
Richard, no worries, everything will work smoothly. Just give it a try, even if it doesn’t you can always revert the app back in time or reach out to Bubble support for help on that. But I believe everything should just work well


@levon @johnmark

Hi both

Ok, so I unsubscribed and so far it looks like my fear is confirmed the workflow action is showing as missing. The plugin has actually been removed from my app which is probably what did it. I didn’t remove it I just unsubscribed. I remember that subscribing and unsubscribing was intended to be operated on a pro-rata basis, so it makes no sense that the plugin is actually removed? See before and after screenshots below.

What do I do now? How do I roll back?

Thanks, Richard.


as discsussed on Bubble forum simply buy the plugin again with one time option and it will all be back in place