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🛒 Groceries Delivery like Instacart - New Template from Zeroqode


Groceries Delivery like Instacart
This responsive template recreates Instacart’s core features for delivering groceries from various supermarkets. Users can find supermarkets near their locations, browse through the products offered by that supermarket, add them to a shopping cart and pay with their card. The template comes with a powerful admin panel to manage supermarkets, products etc.

here is the link to the template https://instacart.bubbleapps.io/

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi I have purchased the InstaCart template . But I need to add a shipping rate and be able to use coupons . So I need the cart totals to calculate theses things .

Also sometimes when I press the add to cart button on the home page it adds two items to the cart when it should’ve adding one.

Hello @marlonromano . Thanks for the purchase.

I will try to guide you with functionalities needed.
The one way I see, that can be done is:
For coupon usage you could create type in database named for example Coupons, add fields for it like Code (type text- value example “thisiaapromocode”) and the Discount (type number- value example “10 Off”) this could percentage or direct value.
In design/workflow you could set the input element, while the code value is writen corectly in the input field match it with the one in database and apply it to the current’s user cart .
For shipping cost you could create also a new field in database for your article type like ShippingCost (type number- value could be change by the retailer) which you will set for different types of products for your retailers.
In design/workflow you could set text element which will show the shipping cost during the checkout which was set by the retailer and writen in database.
At the end you could do the calcules, and sum up everything to make changes to the total cart Price. Which will be the cost of the article plus the applied discount coupon plus the shipping cost.

Regarding the 2 items adding to cart while you press the add cart button, we could not replicate the issue. Could you please post a video with the issues?

Thanks for understanding and hope this guide would help.

Zeroqode Team.

Here are some pics of what I was taking about it adding a qty of two instead of one when I click the add to cart button

Hello, marlon.

Tested the template and with the scenario of adding items to cart no issue was found. On home page the template by default seems to not have the add to cart button, instead we have the add to cart buttons on the store page where it should be.
Here is a quick demo video of the template with demo account while adding quantity to cart - https://www.useloom.com/share/982f283b528547df90cbe2bf6d21aab4

You could try to create a new app from the template and try it also through another browser once more.
Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team.

Ok here is the link of my vid. As u can see when I click the add to cart button it adds 2 of the item to cart. It seems to be happening on items that are in the featured block and the products page swell.


Could you please add [email protected] as collaborators to your app so we could check the issue you’ve encountered.
Also pin point us at what page/s you’ve encountered this bug.

Thanks for understanding.

This error is coming from the all items on the Product page and the Featured items on the home page

Okay, have you added us as collaborators so our developers could look into the issue?
Please tell us the name of your app or post the link to your app editor.


where do I find that ?

I cannot add them I am on a personal plan

Sorry, but it should be possible to add us. However we did found the issue with product count when adding it to the cart from featured block on our Template.
And we’ll check the other pages as well. We’ll offer an update regarding the issue asap, and will notify you here.

Thanks for your understanding.

ok great I will look out for it

ok s can u tell me how would I get this scrolling effect for my products like Insatcart.

Here is another is with the template. The brands filter is showing the same brand over & over. It should just show it once and then then when u click on it it pulls up all the items with that brand

Hello, we have fixed the issues that you reported, please create a new app using the template to see the update. Thanks!

if I create a new app then all my mods that I have done will be in the old app.Can u just tell me what u did so I can make changes on my side…

regarding the duplicates in the shopping cart
here is the old workflows

here is the new workflows:

as for the search:


you can also create a new app and to compare with your existing app

ok I will fix. Also what about making a carousel for items. How can I get that. I sent a pic of it earlier?

you can just use Bubble’s repeating group and set it to “horizontal scrolling”