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🚀 Hackerly Community Like Indie Hackers - New Template from Zeroqode


Hackerly - Community template is a no-code product similar to Indie Hackers platform where startup founders, developers, designers and all kinds of internet entrepreneurs can interact and share ideas with one another. Meetups, interviews, articles are some extra features of this template.


  • Fully responsive pages
  • Fully editable profile pages
  • Blog and interview pages
  • Meetups page
  • Products page
  • Minimal design
  • Dark theme design
  • Dynamic database structure

Live demo: https://hackerly.bubbleapps.io/

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Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hey there,

I purchased Hackerly for $99 but noticed you dropped it down to $59. I was hoping I could get some consulting advice to fix an error in the platform for the discrepancy. 50%20AM For some odd reason, it doesn’t allow you to select a checkmark to confirm you’d like to receive e-mail or website notifications. Have you come up with a solution to resolve this issue? Thank you.

Hello @belongeryhq, thank you for reaching out!

In order to fix the issue with selecting the checkmarks you will need to do some adjustments:

First of all please go to the data page and add the following fields to the user data type:

After open the workflow tab on the page profile and substitute the following workflows:

with these workflows and actions:








At the same time please consider that the buttons related to notification do not have the functionality of sending the notification. Those buttons are added as mock-up for visualization purposes only. The proper functionality of notifying the user needs to be added separately. We are sorry if those elements of the template mislead you and make you believe there is the functionality of the notification.

Once again sorry for the possible inconvenience!

Best Regards,

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Hey @alex.grimacovschi,
I just read your post above on the Notification functionality (would kindly suggest to highlight the lack of this functionality on the template description page). I only have some limited experience with Wordpress and am totally new to Bubble. I have been using Discourse previously and “that has it all” when it comes to customising notifications/alerts.
I probably won’t need all the power of discourse for my purposes, so I’m wondering if the forum engine you build into this Template is robust enough to be built on?

I would ultimately like to have more-less the same level of functionalities (when it comes to user notification) what Indihackers offers: on website alert for likes, answers and new followers.
Would this be a big deal to implement?

Another question: Emil updates opt-in (like here: https://www.indiehackers.com/newsletters)
I would appreciate your high-level input on what would it take to build this, or maybe you already offer plugins for something similar (?)

Again, any inputs would be great (though, I’m not expecting a full blow detailed solution right here:) )


Hello @molnargezabence, thank you for reaching out!

Yes, sure we will specify that.

The functionality of the template is pretty extensive. You can check how the template works on our demo page. Here is a link to the demo page:

Considering that you have already experience in working with other CMSs I think it will not take you much time and effort for you to have the notification functionality implemented.

The functionality of e-mail updates can be implemented using only Bubble functionality so there is no need for a plugin. Basically you will need to take all the data that need to be sent, filter it by type of data users selected and send is by using Send Email Action

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,


thanks Alex for the quick reply🙌


Thank you for the quick reply. If you go to the preview aspect of the app, it doesn’t keep your profile logged in. For example, if you get out of the mobile browser and you were logged in, if you reopen the mobile browser, it makes you click either sign up or log in, and when you click log in, it goes directly to the profile you were logged in as. Any way to fix this? Hoping to have something up soon! Thank you.

NVM I got it, thanks

No it’s true, for some odd reason, the profile does not remain logged in when you first open up the mobile browser. Only when you refresh. Try this on the template and see the same issue. Anyway to resolve? Thank you!

Hello @belongeryhq

Can you provide more details, regarding the issue you’re facing?
Like workflow , page setup, some screenshots of the editor, steps to reproduce the issue, etc. so we could help you better?
Thanks for understanding.

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Thank you so much for helping me. I did buy the template. This is what the site, Teleper.com, looks like when you open the website in the mobile browser

This is even if you’re logged in.

If I click login, it automatically logs me in -

The way the system is constructed is this way:

Is there a way to allow when a user automatically opens the webpage they remain logged on without seeing the login site? The same thing happens in the demo for the preview of the app on your template.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. Can you see the post on the bottom of this page with photos and see if you can help me? When you open the site it doesn’t keep you logged in but if you click login it automatically logs you in creating an additional step. Thank you.

Hello @belongeryhq,

Could you please try to clear the cache and cookies of your browser and check once again if the issue is reproducing. Unfortunately, we have tested the issue and on our side and it is not reproducing. In case the problem will continue to appear on your side please describe your actions step by step.

Best Regards,

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Let’s say you leave all your cookies and cache and you have already been logged in as a demo user of Hackerly template. When you have no Internet screen for mobile web and you open up a webpage to that website, it comes up as this:

When you click the button login or sign up from that site, it automatically logs you in based on already having those credentials, see here:

What I’m trying to figure out for the template that I purchased is to allow a user to ALWAYS be logged in so if they open up a fresh mobile web browser, and if they were previously already logged in, they can instantaneously navigate the app without pushing an extra button. Other than that, I love the template and appreciate your help! Let me know, thank you!!

Hello @belongeryhq,

Thank you very much for providing such a detailed description. Currently, the logic build in the template does allow users to be always logged in without pushing extra buttons. The logic is already builtin. Unfortunately, we also have spotted the issue that you have described above. But it is reproducing only on Firefox. On Chrome and Safari, everything is working properly. I am afraid in current circumstances we cannot provide a solution as most probably the problem appears because of how Bubble works on different browsers. The only thing that I can recommend is to report that issue to Bubble I hope they can come up with a solution. Here is a form that you can use to reach them out: https://bubble.io/contact or as an alternative you can post on their forum: https://forum.bubble.io/c/bugs

Hope for your understanding!

Best Regards,

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Interesting. I appreciate the response. It’s certainly a problem for Bubble as many users use Safari mobile. I will reach out to them to see what they can do. On another note, with you template Hackerly, I can’t seem to produce a tab that allows a user to see the users following’s posts. Anyway you can direct me as to how I can do this? One of the most important parts of a platform is to show what people you follow have to say, this would really help. Thank you.


Hello @belongeryhq,

First of all please consider that the solution you are looking for will require the development of new functionality and for these cases, we highly recommend having at least average knowledge of Bubble Editor.

As a starting point, you can use the group “RepeatingGroup post top” it is currently used for displaying Newest and Top posts.

Using that group and filtering posts by followed users you can develop the tab for your case. I hope this will help!

Best Regards,

What are the differences between “Group-post details” and “Posts” pages? I don’t really see/understand the difference. Isn’t the purpose kind of the same?


Hey @alex.grimacovschi, and another question I would really appreciate your input on:

when the user wants to edit his Product then how can I set that up? I thought this is part of the Template since the Documentation page also refers to a “Product edit” page, but I can’t find that. Am I missing something?

I tried to solve it on my own:
My idea was to feed the data back (Send data to) to the Product page (which the user previously used to register the Product).

And this idea actually works with simple data types like name, one-liner etc.

But I don’t know what to do with data that is shown through Repeating group (Multiple and Single Choice data types). Ideally, I would like it to look like this:

This should be shown to the user when he arrives to the edit page.
Pea and Soy has been already assigned to the Product (when he initially created the Product) and now he has the chance to either remove any of those or add others (Algae, Lupin etc.)

Do you perhaps have any suggestion on how to make this happen?

Thanks a lot


Hello, @molnargezabence

Thank you for your questions. It is needed a bit of time to investigate your questions. I will revert you right at the moment I have any useful updates for you.

Thanks for understanding :pray:

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