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Have a problem when I set PayPal recurring workflow


I follow the document and create my client ID(test mode) in PayPal page and create my credential number in zerocode PayPal page. I can use PayPal button in the bubble and can successfully pay it in the test environment. But I set PayPal recurring event in workflow, when I trigger it, it will show the error( see the image

in attachment).

Anyone can help me solve it? Thank you!

Hello, @pei.yu.

We’ll look into the issue, and we’ll offer an update asap.
Thanks for understanding.

Hi Dumitru,

Thank you for your reply. And I’m waiting for your solution.


Hi Pei.

Seems like a problem with the PayPal is in the error with credentials you’re using. Could look at the credentials and keys you’re using for the app and troubleshoot there.

This might help.

Hi Dumitru,

So, credentials code is the code after “Basic” ?

Thank you!

Hi Dumitru,

I generate credentials code from your website. So, if it get error, where can I get correct code?

Thank you!

Hi there, sorry for a delay with this,
we have slightly updated the plugin docs https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/paypal-reoccurring-payments-plugin
please see “Generating Credentials” section
Also, please note that the plugin cannot work both in live and sandbox modes so we only enabled it for live mode. For sandbox example you can check our demo page:
hope this helps.
please let us know in case of any questions.