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PayPal Recurring Payments

I’ll be honest I’ve read all the instructions and I get very little of it. I’ve added the ClientID and Authorization. Everything beyond that deeply confuses me, aha. Some help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there, i’d suggest you to also check these threads:

hope it helps

Hiya Levon, thanks for replying.

Sadly. I’m no wiser.

Hi @cliffwoodjames,

Were you able to figure out how to set up the plugin? I’ve read all forum posts (here and Bubble), looked at the Zeroqode demo, and still cannot figure out how to set up the plugin for recurring payments… I want to understand each step (not just try to copy the workflows from the demo).

I’d be willing to pay someone $$ to make a walkthrough video of how to successfully implement the plugin. Is anyone interested?