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Need help with the Paypal Plugin

I there I purchase the PayPal plugin and I have followed the instruction link to set it up, I tried everything to make it work its not working.

Can someone please help, below is the picture of the error message.

Thank you

Hello, Erlande.

Have checked our demo set-up as well - https://zeroqode-demo-14.bubbleapps.io/paypal ?
We’ll look into the issue, but can you offer more details on your setup, screenshots, workflow of app, so we could replicate the issue.
Thanks for understanding.

Thank you responding,
I have done the sandbox.
I followed the Link Zeroqode PayPal recurring payment plugin.
I login to PayPal.
I create my app on PayPal, switch to live, I copy the client ID and the secret key and passed on the credential generator, click make credential. I copy that and pasted to the bubble, and paste the client ID again.
Set up the workflow and the error message still there.

Should I do the same process for the sandbox client id and the secret ID before going live? cause I am trying this on a test site.

hello there again

I being playing around trying my hardest now the error message change to this

please help I been at this all day

I have this problem too!
Please someone help!

Hello everyone.

Seems like a problem with the PayPal is in the error, is the usage of the wrong credentials. Could look at the credentials and keys you’re using for the app and troubleshoot there.

This might help.

Hi Dumitru,

I know you said the problem is with PayPal, but I been trying to fix this its not working.
you send an example but I can’t see what might help is.

Can you please look into this for me, I don’t believed this is a PayPal problem.

Hi there,
no Dumitru didn’t mean the problem is with paypal, he said the problem is shown in the error that you see - it’s the use of wrong credentials. Please check our demo page to see how to configure your credentials for using with paypal plugin. Please also check our docs carefully https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/paypal-reoccurring-payments-plugin

Listen, I already done this process.

The PayPal credential creator redirect to a page not active said We’re sorry, the page you’re trying to load cannot be found. so I can’t create the credential your link instructed me to do.

Come on guys, give me something to work with.

Below is the new error I am getting

when I used your “PayPal credential creator”.
Since the link from the docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/paypal-reoccurring-payments-plugin not working which I send the error message I m getting from the page it redirected to. I used the plugin demo where you can also access the “Open editor” button to view the back in.

Please tell me what is going on? I think the issue coming from your PayPal Credential Generator its not working.

yes, sorry the credentials generator link indicated in the docs were wrong, but we have merged it to the demo page. So if you scroll the demo page down, you’ll see it there.
here is the link

docs updated.

Hi Levon,

I’m following your document and generate the credential ( Basic XXXX…). And then I put my client ID and credential number in plugin setting page.
But I still have the error:

Please help me solve this problem.

Thank you!

are you using dev keys or live keys?

I am using live keys!

I follow the instruction on the /docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/paypal-reoccurring-payments-plugin#activate-the-plan
It said to create an app, and switch to live copy and paste the client ID key, and the secret key to the PayPal credential maker.

The Basic xxxxxxx I got I pasted on Bubble and the client id.

I enter the live key for both dev and live.

Hi Levon,

I put dev keys and live keys both. Cause in plugin setting page, we can add live and dev both. And when I test it in dev page, it failed. Test create a plan in live version, it has no response.

Thank you!

Hi erlandeheart,

So, do you still have trouble when you create a plan or not?

Thank you!

Hi All,
we are trying to check things for you, sorry for the delay but we’ll update here once we manage to advance in this.
thanks for your understanding

My work, when I do the live key for both.
but I need to used the dev key to properly set up before going live.

This plugin come with no instruction but how to set it up on PayPal.
its not really good enough, compare to Stripe plugin show you how to properly set up. I am still trying, but true be told I m this close to cancel and find a different option.

Hi there, sorry for a delay with this,
we have slightly updated the plugin docs https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/paypal-reoccurring-payments-plugin
please see “Generating Credentials” section
Also, please note that the plugin cannot work both in live and sandbox modes so we only enabled it for live mode. For sandbox example you can check our demo page:
hope this helps.
please let us know in case of any questions.

Thank you for your update. I’m already set down this function.
But when I log in my PayPal account(Real) and pay it to my company account, it will show nothing in both accounts. And I can’t find anything in my company account.
Also, I’m not charged when I subscribed the service.

So, where I can found my record in my business account? And why it not pay anything?

Thank you!