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💼 Headstart Pro - Multipurpose Template for Any Website - updated to new Bubble Responsive Engine

Hey all!

We’re happy to announce that we finished updating our https://zeroqode.com/template/headstart-pro---multipurpose-template-1504167135278x284598486986915840 to the new Bubble Responsive Engine. It’s a fully-responsive app across any user device.

Headstart Pro is a multi-purpose no-code template with everything you need to launch your website quickly without code on Bubble.

Use this pack to get a “headstart” on launching your app by incorporating responsive design, a plug-and-play landing page, eCommerce functionality, and subscriptions using Stripe to bill users for your products/services.

The template comes with a batch of our best plugins. Check the Plugin demos page for the demonstration and to see how they’re set.

⁃ Main landing page & 3 additional landing layouts
⁃ Various pages
⁃ Huge set of UI elements like icons, buttons, paragraphs and many more.
⁃ Ecommerce functionality
⁃ One-time payments & subscriptions powered by Stripe
⁃ Blog
⁃ Chat
⁃ 8 Plugins demos

The anatomy of Headstart Pro:

  • Pages

⁃ 3 landing page layouts: corporate, portfolio, products/services
⁃ Chat
⁃ Contacts page with contact form
⁃ Subscriptions (Free plan & two paid plans)

  • Blocks

Page components
⁃ User profiles variations
⁃ Pricing blocks
⁃ Login/sign up pages

UI Elements
⁃ Efficient web forms (horizontal tabs, boxed horizontal tabs, accordion tabs with & without icons)
⁃ Buttons
⁃ Actions/notification states
⁃ Typography

  • Ecommerce

⁃ Catalog page (includes product filtering by price, and new/latest arrivals, adding products to a shopping cart or to a wish list, search)
⁃ Product detail page
⁃ Wishlist
⁃ Add a product page
⁃ Cart
⁃ One-time payments powered by Stripe

  • Blog (adding & displaying articles)

  • Plugin demos (8 Plugin demos)

  • Admin dashboards


LIVE DEMO: https://uikitdashboard1.bubbleapps.io/

DOCUMENTATION: https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/headstart-pro-multipurpose-pack-template

Ecaterina Cheptini
QA & Support @Zeroqode
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Hi! Stripe is not available in my country. Is it possible for me to change the payments integration from Stripe to Paypal?


Hello @AlonsoC

Thank you for reaching out.

Yes, it is possible to add an alternative payment method(with an API connector), however, we would like to note that it requires significant customization to your app, and some advanced Bubble skills are needed. Therefore, if you don’t have much experience, we suggest you get help from Bubble developers at forum.bubble.io, on Upwork/Fiverr, or any other freelancing website to help you integrate the payment option you need.

In case you have any other questions, let me know.

Have a great day.

Thank you very much for your response!

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Hi there, it seems like the blog functionality isn’t documented and seems pretty buggy. For example, there are edit and delete buttons over each article on the admin dashboard, but they dont seem to do anything.

Are there fixes for this and/or better documentation. I purchased the pro version anticipating a working blog functionality.

Furthermore, I don’t even see any part of the template that actually updates the blog content. Any assistance would be appreciated!

Hello @drfalken

Thanks for reaching out.

The edit button and delete buttons are working, it just requires enabling the admin full access to delete and edit posts. In case you have already purchased the template, please take a look at the documentation, and instructions on how to enable the full admin access here: Things to Note.

Would you mind clarifying what do you mean by that?

Looking forward to your reply.



Hey there, on the last point, if you were to edit an entry, which workflow updates the blog content? I’m not finding one (and my example site does not seem to update any content…)

Thanks for claryifing.

The workflows can only be seen once you purchase the template. Here is an example of the workflow when trying to edit the post.

In case you have any other questions, just let me know :slight_smile:



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I’m running into an issue not sure if it’s with the template or with the ZeroQode RTE (both which I have already bought).

When I enter a video link to YouTube using the video button in the RTE, after I save the post and open it again for editing, the embedded video starts blinking and on the bottom left corner of my screen I see that YouTube is being called over and over again until my app crashes. Please let me know how to fix this.

As an experiment, I created a test page in my application with the ZQRTE. I can add a video via the button successfully without weird behavior and crashing. This leads me to believe that my issue is related to how the ZQRTE is configured in the Admin Dashboard pages or some kind of setting or workflow on that page that is causing the issue. I’ll see if I can troubleshoot further but your help is appreciated.

Can you add a video to one of the articles on a fresh installation of Headstart Pro on your side to see if the issue appears?

Sorry for the late reply, @AlonsoC

We are currently investigating this problem, would you mind providing a link to the test page so we can better understand the issue?

Looking forward to your reply.



Hi @AlonsoC

We have checked the mentioned issues of yours in the template, and it does not seem to reproduce the issue on our end, would you mind sharing the video recording of the issue and provide the steps to reproduce the issue, or add our Support Team email to the list of collaborators to your application and provide me a link to your application? To add our Support Team as a collaborator, you need to do the following steps in the Bubble Editor:

Settings > Collaboration > Add email support@zeroqode.com

Note: avoid the warning message regarding the plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks but I already solved it. Here’s how:

  1. On the admin_dashboards page I disabled the workflow seen below in red (When ZQRTE paragraph Text Changed)

  1. Then on the page I enabled Auto Binding on the ZQRTE paragraph element

I am glad to hear that you’ve found a solution to this issue.

In case you have any other questions, just let us know.



I have another issue.

When I add an image to the body of an article/blog post to my app with the Headstart Pro template, a horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom.

  1. How can I get rid of the scrollbar?

  2. What image dimensions must I use so the image in the body appears fully without resizing/scaling in the blog post?

I’ve already sent the support team an email about this with the link to the app and the editor page and added them as an admin collaborator.

Please advise.

We have checked your app, and unfortunately, we do not see the scrollbar at the bottom of the page, so I assume you have fixed this issue, please note that we can only fix the issues that are related to the original template design, or a bug in the plugin, we can’t fix the issue once the template has been customized/altered.

  1. There is no particular limit on the image dimensions, the content would always be resized to fit the image. I recommend taking a look at the Resizable images plugin which might help to fix the issue with the images(to keep the aspect ratio the same): Resizable Images Plugin | Bubble



Thanks for your reply, however:

  1. The scrollbar is still there, it appears when you scroll down and hover your mouse above the footer.
  2. I am using an unmodified version of the page Article which comes with the template, it simply has the custom name article_sd. I uploaded a 100 x 100 px image and it gets blown up. I want the image to be shown exactly in the dimensions I uploaded it, how to accomplish this?

Here’s the page:

See how the 100px image is blown up:

Scrollbar above the footer:

This video shows both things:

Thanks for the additional details @AlonsoC. Are you experiencing the same issue uploading the file, and having the scrollbar in the original template here? https://uikitdashboard1.bubbleapps.io/

As for the issues mentioned, we’ll check what might be the issue and I’ll get back to you.



Hi Kirill:

How can I log in as an admin in your template? I could get to the admin dashboards page and can create an article, but not edit it afterward. I created the article below and the uploaded image doesn’t show, which is also something that happens to me often when using the template. Without an image showing, the scrollbar won’t appear