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Help with Excel table plugin


Might be a dumb question…

What do I put in the Data Type section? I assume it is the “Type of Data” but my data type does not show up in the choices for selection.

Also, What do I put in the autocomplete section?


Hello @dansschwartz, Thanks for reaching out!

For better understanding of how the plugin works you can check our demo page: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=editable_grids&id=zeroqode-demo-04&tab=tabs-1

Also i see that we already answered for very same questions on Editable Excel-like Llist this forum page.

Tell us if it helps to you.

Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi Pavel,


The specific problem I have is as follows: I have two groups on a page. One is a repeating group with a list o files that the user uploads. Within the repeating group we have a workflow that shows the data files details in the second group when clicked. In the second group we have the excel plugin table from zero code. The details are showing properly in the table the problem is I can’t get the details to change when the user clicks on another file from the first group.

Any ideas?


Hello @dansschwartz, Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please offer more details on the issue you’ve encountered with some screenshots/videos of workflow, settings and other that can help to debug it.

Looking forward to your reply.