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How to use Google Drive Service Acc

I just paid for Google Drive Service Acc but I can’t understand how to use it.
@levon There used to be some demo plus some short documentation ?

hi @krasimir.v.rankov,
We have no demo yet for this plugin, but you can find the basic setup bellow:

Meanwhile we will do our best to prepare the demo and deeper documentation.

I already saw it, thank anyway.

Is there any place where I can see instruction for : “You require a google service worker with JWT credentials to use this plugin.”

Hey Krasimir,
sorry for not having complete guides yet, but I believe this page set up by Jarrad should make it easier for you to get the required credentials

Used the plugin, what else do i have to change in bubble or google that it works. i paid for the plugin and service - and i have the same code like i had before but still don’t know what i need to do that it works.

So do i have to change something after i bought the plugin? What do i need to change? It always says just temporary problem and doesnt give me any error code so it is really hard to troubleshoot in nothing.

Love your Plugins guys, but next time pls make a documentation and a if you need a higher price. But then everything works :slight_smile: love to here from you.

Hi Buero,
sorry about this, i have already assigned a task to create a documentation for this plugin. Most of our plugins come with instructions but at some point we bought some plugins in bulk and still try to keep up to create docs for those. Meanwhile if you could share some screenshots of your plugin settings and errors we’ll try to start troubleshooting them

I implemented the Plugin right with the information of Jarrad, sorry i cant share the code cause it would just show the server adress and auth. code.
Do i have to change settings in Google when i use his integration, what do i need to do in Bubble to catch the data?

which settings you refer to?

which data?

Like when i used the site of Jarrad, he creates the code, but do i have to add other settings inside google? Or is the only thing to put in the plugin and then i can directly use the api, because this doesn’t work for me.

Still struggling :man_facepalming:t3:

We are currently preparing a demo app for this plugin, and hopefully will be able to post it soon. Please bear with us

Hello @buero & @krasimir.v.rankov , thank you for reaching out.

Today we made a small plugin update, created a demo and first version of “How to use” documentation.

We hope that will help you.



Regards, Zeroqode Team

Hi Guys,
I’m struggling with implementing this. I’ve acquired a a service account, JWT key and Drive API. My test page is throwing this error when I try to do any create operations.

I’ve tried various encodings for the key and tried to mirror what I saw in the example app. Not sure if I’m missing something here.


Hi Jon,
did you check out our demo page https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=google_drive_demo&id=zeroqode-demo-13&tab=tabs-1

and the documentation https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-drive-service-acc.-plugin


I did. I modeled my page after this. Unfortunately this error isn’t very descriptive.

if it’s a matter of getting the keys encoded right you can use this tool

Hello can someone please guild me on how to get my private api key? @levon

Hello, @ben

You could check the documentation for getting service account keys for Google Services here: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-sheets-and-charts-service-plugin/obtaining-service-account-keys
It is used to show how to setup the Google Sheets Service Plugin but the steps of getting a service key for GDrive or Sheets are same, so please refer to it.


It didn’t work. I get error " temporary bug"

Ben, please show your setup details with screenshots/video of workflow, Google Dashboard so we could help you better.
Right now we tested out the How To get service keys and it works to get the key that way and test it under service account plugin.