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How to use Google Drive Service Acc



Hello @ben

Thanks for sharing , however I would recommend to file a bug report to bubble: www.bubble.is/bug_report to file an official bug.
Also maybe try uninstalling, refresh the app and installing plugin again to give it another try.
Thanks for understanding.



Can we enable support for team drives? (support article) . It seems like a natural fit when using a service account with drive.

FYI I just spent hours troubleshooting permissions between Drive UI, G Suite Admin Console, & Google Cloud API Console for a 404 error I was getting only to find out that the plugin was not raising a simple supportsTeamDrives=true flag during the request that was causing this. Regular drive shares work fine, BTW.

To be fair, I may be underselling how ‘simple’ adding team drive really is because the supportsTeamDrives=true flag I mentioned is used as a way to qualify that application (your plugin) is aware of the added parameters, capabilities, and different behavior when accessing shared drives.

Anyways, I’m curious to know


Hi there @jon1.

Let us check it out, thanks. I’ll be back to you asap with an update.


While I’ve got someone’s attention. Is anyone aware of the API limitations or SLAs are for Drive in G-suite? Rate & bandwidth limits? I’ve tried getting this info from Google, but G Suite support directs me to Google Cloud Platform support and Google Cloud Platform support directs me to G Suite support. I’m hoping you guys have some more insight :slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen posted on places like reddit / stack overflow its 10m (or 100m calls) a day and 750gb /month transfer. When compared this with Dropbox or Box this isn’t even close (25,000 and 15,000 calls a month respectively - unknown transfer). Given how different these offerings are, I’m wondering if Google is doing at a loss and will change the rules. We’ve seen how fickle google can be… I’ve also seen google drive ‘enterprise’ storage, which isn’t tied to G Suite and seems to have a different pricing model based on amount of transfer in and transfer out.


Any updates on wether or not this is possible? Not a rush though, I’m just trying to plan out where I’ll be storing these files.


Hi there @jon1

We’re still looking into this ticket, however it’ll take some time due to priorities for other issues. Thanks for understanding.

Regarding limits of the Drive API, as was talked in this thread: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10311969/what-is-the-limit-on-google-drive-api-usage/10313416#10313416
and answered by a Google Drive engineer/employer the quota can be seen in Google’s API Console.
And as you see the answer is pretty much what the info is known to the public.


Hello @jon1

Regarding the support for TeamDrives, please upgrade the plugin to latest version, refresh the app and give a try.
Also would be a good idea to check the permissions settings to manage the members and drives:

Thanks for patience and understanding.