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Issue with PDF since latest update


The latest update (1.21.0) has broken things. The PDF document scrunches up text as in the screenshot. Any suggestions? All I did was to update to the latest version, and have not changed any of the settings.



Hello @kenl

Could you provide more details regarding the issue (screenshots / workflow setup / etc)? Which PDF plugin you’re referring to?
The attached screenshot is not displayed on forum. Could you revert back to previous working version of plugin for now.



Bubble Page to PDF Converter. Here’s what happens: Edocs-A4-3967-extras-A4_pdf

I have rolled back to an earlier version. Looking forward to a resolution.


Hey @kenl, could you please describe all the flow of functionality when you use Pdf convertor. Which element type are you converting what is the parent element of PDF element, in that case I will reproduce your issue and will find out how to fix it.

Thank you,


So essentially PDF generated using the plugin from a page with text elements that have concatenated values from different fields (in this case, the address in a letter). Seem to affect small size texts with reduced line spacing.


@kenl Could you please be so kind and provide me some screenshots of settings your elements, and make short video with all elements which are involving in main feature action.


Here is a video. The address elements are the scrunched ones. It’s a fixed width page to print an A4 letter.



Hey there @kenl, so please could you please provide us access to your app, just add [email protected] to contributors and provide me a link here in private message.

Thank you,