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🎲 Jquery Spinner - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Modern, clean looking spinner that supports currencies, 2 layouts and returns a value as a state.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at https://zeroqode.com/plugin/jquery-spinner-1544792518281x576295407672361000

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode

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its not dynamic in terms of values!

@zeroqode regarding the jQuery spinner I seem to have run into a little bit of hiccup. Once the element is loaded on the page with its “start value” seems to be no material way to change this dynamically.

Example: if I have a list of things and each thing in this list has a numeric value… I would ideally like to select that thing and the Jquery spinner component dynamically load that things value so that I could then use the jQuery spinner element to adjust said value and then make changes to that thing to update its value.

After various tests with numerous different types of inputs, custom states… I could go on it seems that the predefined values although it accepts dynamic input the element will not reload or update the new values. I’ve tried every conceivable thing I can think of in groups resetting inputs to no avail. Could you advise?

if you need a loom explain visually let me know


Hello, @Bubbleboy

Sorry for a delayed answer, we’ll check this out and offer an update asap.
Thanks for understanding.

Zeroqode Team.


For anyone finding themseves here, This bug was quickly resolved


Just for completeness… I’ve posted this on bubbles forum but I’m running out of runway in terms of time

@levon I spoke too soon without testing all the other functions. It now supports dynamic input values which is great and thank you for fixing that but the “number output” only! Gets updated when you use the - & + buttons. If you enter the number directly as if it were an input the output is not updated. When I downgrade the plug-in version to 1.2.0 this works fine. Could you please let me know when this can be resolved


this is fixed, please upgrade the plugin version and retry


explained in detail here also for @Dumitru


Hi, @Bubbleboy thanks for demonstration, we’ll check this out and be back to you with an update. Thanks for understanding and patience.
Sorry for the trouble here.


@Dumitru thanks as you will see there is also an issues with the default currency being visible on load also.


Hi @Bubbleboy we have fixed the issue and updated the plugin
please upgrade and retry


Hi Levon, thanks all works perfectly now. Cheers


New bug! Ive made no changes to my app and I’ve even tested on a clean page but:

When applying currencies dynamically all currency formatting fails.

The updating of values still works fine thou.
If you could let me know.



We’ll check it out but it might take time, thanks!


Hey Tim, How are you applying currencies dynamically if they are selected from dropbox?


Thanks for the Reply Levon. I’ve tested various options.

My use cases as follows:

I have the jQuery Spinner within a repeating group. Minimum, maximum, step values rule derived from the repeating group parent. The currency denomination is set as a condition in the jQuery spinner based upon the repeating group parent currency “thing” for each appropriate jQuery spinner currency symbol. Regardless of how I set this up $ is always shown even when it’s actually not even set as a condition.

As an alternative… I created a thing for the currencies. All the currencies are currently available and the jQuery spinner. I then created an isolated instance of jQuery spinner page (not within a repeating group) and set the condition of the jQuery spinner currency to a drop-down. The drop-down was dynamic and its data source was the currency thing. This did not work either in fact it totally removed the currency from showing.

So I reverted back to the repeating group which is actually my use case.


In this case above I have removed all the other conditions and all other currencies just leaving GBP and it still defaults to USD.

I might humbly suggest in order to replicate. Simply create a repeating group (toolbox list of numbers would suffice) within the jQuery spinner second edition based on the repeating groups number to show each of the individual currencies. Clear the cache and then load the page… You should get the same result as I do $


Another example… Even more rudimentary. Repeating group with the condition set the order number which is explicitly stated in the parenting and using this order number to adjust the corresponding currency symbol. Again in this case it’s not dynamic meaning nothing is rendered other than the numerical start value, minimum and maximum step


Hey Tim,
just pushed an update, please upgrade and give it another try


Hi Levon, thank you very much! Outstanding product support and I appreciate your personal involvement. All works perfectly.

I appreciate the cosmic scheme of your business this is very small revenue but for me incredibly important as it adds significant value to my application. I’ve added a comment on the “bubble form” attaining to the support I’ve received. Hopefully this gives back in a different way


Thank you very much, Tim, your words of support mean a lot! :slight_smile: :pray:


i’ve come across one additional bug.

when the enable currencies is disabled when using the buttons or entering the value directly the Output is updated correctly.


When enable currencies is enabled…the Output value is not updating automatically when entering the value directly. The buttons update the Output value correctly thou

As a work around ive covered the spinner with a shape and set the background to none to negate the user entering directly but as the spinner is responsive the shape can be bypassed and users are raising issues on my end