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Lendy Template: Disabled Workflows / Leftover Items?


There are a number of places in the template where certain workflows seem to be disabled (see example in image below). There are also pages like ‘test’ that seem like they aren’t named well if they are really being used (that page isn’t mentioned in the documentation), and at various places (like as I mention in this thread), there are workflows that seem to have terminations inserted into them before all instructions are carried out.

In short, it seems like there’s a lot of ‘left over’ stuff that isn’t actually used in the template, but rather is left over from development, but which makes it even more confusing for buyers of the template to really be clear on what’s going on. Of course maybe all this stuff is there for good reason and I’m just not understanding it. Could you please comment on this @levon

Warm Regards,


Hi Brendon,

Thanks for pointing this out. You are right that there are some left over workflows and pages that are not actively used in the templates as is. We would make a note of this in the documentation. Some of these are left there just in case the template buyer wants to do things a little differently or as a backup. Admittedly this might be a little advanced/confusing so we would take note of that.