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Lendy Template: Freezing When Borrower Getting Rates



I just installed the Lendy Template on my Personal plan instance and have been trying to step through it. However, I’m having a couple issues right off the bat. To be clear I have not modified anything in the template so far except removing the Zeroquode banner:

As a borrower, I am unable to make it base the ‘get your rate’ stage, as it just freezes immediately:
See video: https://take.ms/iLzj2

Perhaps related, for some reason the workflow when the ‘get your rate’ button is pushed seems to terminate before continuing to the next steps – is this intentional? If so, why? Is there some sort of conditional termination I’m missing?

Warm Regards,

Lendy Template: Disabled Workflows / Leftover Items?

Hi Brendan,

The actions after the termination are actually no longer used in the process. Please eel free to delete them. The workflow that handles the next steps is actually the 2nd workflow (Right after Page is loaded). This workflow checks that the user has a loan grade before running the Javascript that does the APR calculations.

If it’s not working on your end then I would need to examine your app as I have just tested it and it works fine here.

Please feel free to add me via my email [email protected] so I can investigate. I would also be able to help you remove all unused workflows/elements/pages so you don’t get confused going forward.


Hi @mckorode,

First, thank you for all of the quick responses. As you can tell I’m really trying to dive in deep and use this in a way that will require modifications, so your rapid responses are very helpful.

I’ve added you as a collaborator on the app. It would be extremely helpful if you could help clean up all the unused stuff; it will make it a lot eaiser for me to figure out what’s going on. Not sure if you can fix it easily but on the borrow page the tab order (i.e. tabindex) isn’t set correctly. I saw that there was a way to perhaps address this via JavaScript, but couldn’t quite figure out how the JS element worked (i.e. I wasn’t sure where to put the script).

I have more questions already and will post them as appropriate. Between the two of us over the next week or so I bet we can get Lendy to have the most substantial documentation of any template :slight_smile:

Warm Regards,


@mckorode, can you just let me know if my app freezes on your end and / or when you’ve gotten it to work?



I have cleaned up the unused workflows on Borrow page and API workflow section. I’ve also added Javascript to reset Tabindex on borrow page (See brown colored workflows)

I’m not sure what’s going on with the loan offer step but looking at your database I can see some weird duplicate datatypes with a “modified” suffix. They also seem connected with the original data types and might be responsible for the issue being faced. Please filed a bug report at https://bubble.is/bug_report to see if they know what’s going on with the database.

Let me know what they say and we can take it from there.


Hi @mckorode,

Is this what you’re talking about?

If so, I think that all of those things are just different ‘views’ of the database: i.e. After I edited which fields I were displayed in a view, unless I rename the new view, it just uses the name “[name of original view] (modified)” – watch this video:

Therefore, I don’t think that’s the problem. However, just to confirm, I DELETED all of the “modified” views (check for yourself - they’re all gone now), but the problem still exists.

As an FYI, I actually had this same problem the first time I tried the demo version of this template – I’m not sure if I posted a comment on the forum on it, but it’s not like I’ve only seen this on my instance. In fact, i JUST tried it right now on the DEMO site, and it’s happening there as well (video: https://screencast.com/t/bSlN4Kd60)


Oh right. I rarely ever use those so they seemed off at first glance. I will have to investigate further and get back to you.


Hi @brendan.florez

Please test the borrower sign up flow again and let me know if it works. I have tested twice with success now. My investigation shows that you didn’t have Stripe keys added for the Stripe.js plugin and as such it caused the borrower signup API workflow to be terminated before the 2 loan offers created could be added to the user. Adding keys resolved this. But I also discovered that the expression elements now seems not to run those conditional calculations fast enough sometimes for no reason. I have added the calculation as the default and it works fine even though it throws errors in the debugger.

Let me know the results of your test.



I’m afraid it’s still not working on my end. Did you see my comment above that the demo site also seems to be having this same issue? I assume that on the demo site you already had configured the Stripe keys, so the fact that this problem is happening there would indicate that something else is likely going on.

Also, this is very strange, but when I reloaded the site today, the zeroquode banner is back again, even though yesterday I removed the CSS and it still doesn’t show up:

A few other notes as well:

  1. I noticed the tab order on the borrow page still didn’t seem like it had been fixed. For example, on the main form, (a) After ‘amount’, I’d expect to tab to the dropdown menu ‘loan purpose’, but that doesn’t happen. (b) I’d expect to tab from ‘last name’ to the next field on the form, but right now it tabs all the way down to the ‘email’ field. © Once at the ‘email’ field, I’d expect the next tab to move to ‘password’, but it doesn’t.

  2. Perhaps this is related to the issues you mention above, but the site seems very slow. For example on the main form on the borrower page, when I click to move to the ‘SSN form’, that process usually takes like 5+ seconds. That seems extremely slow from a user experience perspective. I’ve already upgraded to the professional plan just in case it was the free/personal plan that was cause it to be slow, but that doesn’t seem to have had any effect.

Net, Obviously I think Bubble has a ton of potential and - in theory - the Lendy Template is really impressive. However, right now there seems to be quite a few bugs, left over code, etc, and performance issues. I have some time pressures with my development and as I’m obviously new to bubble, I built in some buffer to account for having to get up to speed, but there seems to be some more fundamental issues. I really need to have at least the original template operating without bugs by Saturday morning my time, otherwise we’ll have to abandon the use of the template (and maybe Bubble altogether). Let me know how you and @levon want to proceed.

Thanks again for all your help and rapid support.

Warm Regards,


Hi Brendon,

It appears you are testing on the live version of the site which does not yet have the changes implemented. You should test the development version at https://almpact-platform-01.bubbleapps.io/version-test/borrow

Regarding the speed issue, I will try and migrate the sign up action to the workflow side to see if it improved the speed. The sign up action does write 14 additional fields and this might be a little heavy lifting for Bubble hence the loading UX. But I’ll get back to you on this.



Still no luck – see video here: https://screencast.com/t/SuEXOAk2

Obviously that’s the biggest issue, but there’s also still some tab orders that don’t work correctly:

And from Password to the Confirmation Box:

Could you also tell me how you were able to configure the tab indexes so I can try it myself? For example, on the SSN element, the tab doesn’t work from the SSN field to the credit score field. I’d like to try to fix that one myself. (Obviously this is only germane if we get the basic functionality working anyway :P)


Hi Brendan

Not sure why it is still not working on your end but we’ll be publishing a plugin soon that should fixed the problem.

Regarding the tabbing I have made some adjustments to the code which does the trick. There are some icons used along side the inputs with a “button” type so the initial code was tabbing through them as well.
As for password to checkbox tabbing, that won’t be doable because the checkbox was built with a group+icon and is not an actual checkbox element. Also it is not something users will typically need tabbing for because they need to click on it with their mouse or touchscreen.

As mentioned before the workflows colored brown are responsible for resetting the tab index.
Please check the /borrow2 page I created for latest changes/fixes.


Hi @mckorode,

Thanks for your continued support. What does the plugin do? In other words, what is the problem (i.e. if you can issue a plugin to solve it you must had identified the problem). Can you give me an idea of when this will be ready?

I think at this point it’s fair to say that I’ve been putting in good faith effort to try to work together on this but the reality is that the template isn’t really quite ready yet (e.g. things not working, tab order not smooth, lots of left over code/workflows), etc. You have been providing incredible support, however, which is the only reason I am not asking for a refund, since I assume that you guys will quickly fix the problems and continue to provide support as I work through the development process.

Regarding the tabbing, I just took a look a /borrow2 and it still doesn’t quite work right - sometimes it tabs just fine, but sometimes it’s still wonky. If you could upload a screencast (with sounds so I can hear the keyboard) of you tabbing through each field in order, that’d be helpful. I understand your point about the ‘password’->'checkbox tab so I’m okay with not having that, but the tabbing for everything else should work. I also notice that when any of the dropdown fields are active, the border doesn’t darken like it does on the text fields - this makes it difficult to know which field is active.

Finally, can you please provide here a bit more information on the code adjustments you made? The reason I ask is that I’m sure I will be modifying this forms pretty extensively but Bubble seems to be limited in it’s native support for tab indicies, so I’m sure I will need to customize this in the future.

Warm Regards,


Hi @brendan.florez,

The plugin is meant to run all loan calculations and output their results in one stretch. For some reason the current setup doesn’t work 100% of the time as you have experienced so this should be more reliable.

Tabbing works just fine. I wouldn’t say it does if I didn’t test it to be working on my end. Regarding the focus state, this is because the dropdowns were initially unstyled and contained in a styled group. Bubble doesn’t handle styling of dropdowns well natively but I have defaulted to using the dropdowns as provided by Bubble so please check again. If you need a better looking dropdown feel free to purchase our custom dropdown plugin.

Here is the code that resets the tabindex of inputs and removes buttons/icons from tabbing:
$('a, input, select, textarea').attr('tabindex',0); $('button').attr('tabindex',-1);
It is in the brown colored workflows as mentioned. Those workflows wait until the form is visible before it can reset the tab index.


Hi @mckorode,

Got it. To be clear, the plugin will allow me to modify the math behind the calculations, correct? This is very important for what we’re trying to do (we’re not doing loans per se, but another financial instrument where the calculations are related but different). Did you mention when you expect this to be available?

I’ll take a closer look at the tabbing and let you know if I have more questions.



Hi Brendan,

No it will not. It will simply run the loan calculations needed for this template to work. Anything else would fall outside the support we provide freely. The template should be available within 24-48 hrs depending on when Bubble lists it.


Hi @mckorode (CC’ing @levon as well given the content),

Thanks for your explanation. However, given the template doesn’t seem to work without a plugin and given that the plugin won’t let you update the calculations, that pretty severely limits the usefulness of the template and certainly isn’t the expectation I had when purchasing it (nor, I assume, would most people).

If this is really the case, I don’t think we can move forward using the template. I think you’d both agree I’ve been very engaged in the processes and acted in good faith trying to help you guys (including troubleshooting of your template), so I hope there will not be any difficulty in my asking for a refund.

In general, however, I have been very impressed with your support and, given that, if this situation can be resolved I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again or recommend to others that they consider working with you.

Warm Regards,


Hi Brendan,
any template implies that customers who bought them would need to do customizations to the template so that it works the way it’s required. No template would meet all requirements out of the box and we never promised that we will customize the template for a client. What we promised is troubleshooting so that everything works as demoed or advertised. What you describe can be easily done, it’s just doesn’t fall into free support that we provide with the templates. You can hire outside help or learn to do it on your own. However there is no issue with the template itself.
Hope you understand


Hi @levon,

Thanks for your note. Perhaps I am misunderstanding: as I see it, you guys released a template that was supposed to be the basis for a lending business. From the demo, it was clear that the template included a number of calculations (e.g. calculating APR, monthly payments, etc.). However, for some reason, the template didn’t actually work correctly and parts of it kept freezing. I notified you guys of this, you admitted the problem, and then started working on a plugin - separate from the original template - that was supposed to fix the math. However, unlike the original template - where the formulas for the math could be edited (via expressions or the math.js elements) - I understood from @mckorode that the plugin would not allow me to modify the math that is done.

To be clear, I am not asking you guys to change the math, I am only asking if, within the plugin - the code/formulas used will be exposed so that I can add/modify them as appropriate. This is in contrast to, say, some sort of compiled plugin (where I can’t modify anything) or a plugin where the code is so obtuse it’s more than 2x more difficult to modify the formulas than it was with the original expressions and/or math.js elements (which seemed pretty straightfoward).

I hope that clarifies. If the plugin still allows me to have access to the underlying code/formulas so that I can add/change/etc math calculations but actually let’s the template work, I am fine with that. However, if the plugin is a ‘black box’ to which I have no access and so you guys are saying that if I want to change the formulas I will need to make the template work with expression and/or math.js elements ‘from scratch’ when even you guys couldn’t do that, clearly I think that’s a pretty big change from what the original deal was.

I want to you use your template and I want to tell others what a good experience I had, but I’m sure you can understand my concern as well.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Warm Regards,


Hey Brendan,
thanks for additional context, yes, the plugin will be published as an open source one, so you can easily see the code, fork (duplicate )the plugin and create a private version of it with the modifications that you require.
The plugin has been published this morning, you can see it here: https://bubble.is/plugin/loan-calculations-1561684393787x915395376236986400