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Map Extender - I Cant add list of markers

Hi !

Im receiving this notification (http://prnt.sc/1riixz9)

Settings Map Extender A (http://prnt.sc/1riijbj)

Settings Map (http://prnt.sc/1riirvm)

What am I doing wrong ?

Hello, @edukmattos
Thanks for reaching out.

Taking into consideration the appeared issue, the most probable reason is the incorrect configuration of a “Add a list of markers” action.
Please note that you should store the markers in your DataBase and create these fields:

Also, please make sure you configured properly the required workflow for this action:

Without a correct Data Source ( which should be created in the database) this action will reproduce an error.

Please check it and let me know about the result.
Best regards,

Hi, @Ecaterina !

The notification is gone but the markers dont show up yet.

Im sending pics of all my screens maybe I’m making a mistake in another feature.

My database (http://prnt.sc/1rl0g5h and http://prnt.sc/1rl0jzp)
Map B (http://prnt.sc/1rl0gvt and http://prnt.sc/1rl0hey)
Map Extender A (http://prnt.sc/1rl0htq and http://prnt.sc/1rl0i8u)
Workflow (http://prnt.sc/1rl0jhb)

Tks for now

Hello, @edukmattos
Thanks for the additional screenshots.

Please check the next points:

  • The ID of the Map, which you are using:

    Please double-check if the indicated ID is correct and the same.

  • Additionally, please let us know the format of the icons, which you are trying to use. Unfortunately, not any image will be convenient for these purposes.

Looking to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

Hi, @Ecaterina !
The ID of the Map B ts id_MapB.
Should the fields in my database be exactly the same spelling?
Location = location or Icon = icon ?
The image of the icon is type .png

@Ecaterina Can I share my application with you ?

Hello, @edukmattos
Thanks for the details.

No, the main thing is renaming your fields in each element.

Due to the fact that we have some additional questions regarding your settings, can you please add our Support Team email to the list of collaborators to your application and provide me a link to your application? This will allow us to check your settings and run some tests to fix the mentioned problem.

To add our Support Team as a collaborator, you need to do the following steps in the Bubble Editor:

Settings > Collaboration > Add email [email protected]

Note: avoid the warning message regarding the plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

Looking to hear you soon.

Hi, @Ecaterina !
I added ur email as collaborator.

the address app is Multiservweb001

run application as user [email protected]
go to menu → Inicio

In box called OS’s em serviço click button MAPA.

Two maps should appear.
The map on the left is the one with the plugin problem.
The map on the right is what should appear.

Anything, let me know.

Hello, @edukmattos
Thanks for the provided link.

Firstly, please allow me to note that in case you are willing to add our team to the list of collaborators, you should provide us full rights :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometimes, the main issue is in the DataBase and we will not be able to check it.

However, after carefully analyzing your application, we defined, that the markers exist on the map, but they are invisible:

Also, after checking the Database, we defined that you have 2 “images” in the Location type of data. Thus, the plugin just doesn’t understand which image it should process.

Please delete one of them and all should work properly.

Looking to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

Hi, @Ecaterina !

Its worked :upside_down_face: !
I deleted one of the two fields (field name: image)
but… :smirk:
I found it two problems:

  1. Only one place marker is shown instead of all markers in the DB. I checked the numbers of markers to List settings.
  2. Map does not center automatically. I need to zoom out to be able to view the marker

I gave u all privilleges now


  1. Configure the plugin so that it allows informing which table fields should be used as Address and Icon

Hello, @edukmattos
Happy to hear that it is working on your side.

You can see only one marker for the reason that you have only one available image within your DataBase:

So, please add the markers to your DataBase and you will see them all.

In order to center the map after placing the marker, you just need to use the “Center Map” action:

Please allow me to note that we enter the user’s application just as an exception. We proceed with this in cases where the cause of the breakdown cannot be determined.
Our Support team deals only with general assistance and bug fixing, but unfortunately, making changes to an application is not part of our responsibilities :pray:

However, we will add the description to the mention fields at the nearest time. I will let you know about this upgrade immediately after finishing.

Thanks for the understanding.
Best regards,

Hi, @Ecaterina !
I’m developing my system and I had to rename my application.
There was a warning that the plugin was missing. So i was deleted the plugin and tried reinstall.
For my surprise, i have to buy again.
I didnt buy it. Could you give me access to the plugin again?

I will need this later when I put my app in production

Hello, @edukmattos

In case you were subscribed to the plugin and deleted it, you need to subscribe one more time for it :pray:
However, in case the plugin was purchased, allow me to recommend you get in touch with the Bubble Support team ([email protected]).
All the Template and Plugin sales go through Bubble, so only they can help you. Please share with them all your details and they will reply to you with a solution.

Sorry for this inconvenience :pray:
Best regards,

I sent the email to them

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Hope they will help you!

In case I can assist you with any additional information - please let me know.

Best regards,

Hi, @Ecaterina !
Bubble contacted me and they give me a refund however I must perform another purchase and report to them.
I would like you to clarify a question for me.
The software I’m developing is to monitor the displacement of the teams to the customer.

  1. With the Map Extender, can I monitor the displacement of more than one team in between two points of localization?
  2. I need also register a historic shift (the trajectory) of these teams for future reference.
  3. Or do I need another plugin?
    I found this plugin GPS Live Geo Tracking Plugin for Bubble | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode
    If this second plug is enough, I’ll be in touch with the Bubble for them to reimburse me for the price is the same in both plugins (Map Extender and GPS Live Geo Tracking)

Hello, @edukmattos
Thanks for the notification.

Firstly, please allow me to provide you a short description of both mentioned plugins.
So, the GPS Live Geo Tracking Plugin for Bubble was designed only for Tracking. This plugin provides Latitude, Longitude, Heading, Speed (MPs, Mph, KPH & Knots), Altitude, etc.
In case you want just to track the position of your team - this plugin should be great for this purpose.

Bubble’s Google Map Extender Plugin for Bubble has more functions, including a tracking option. Please analyze the documentation for the plugin in order to check all possible options: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/bubbles-google-map-extender-plugin

Unfortunately, none of these plugins are aimed to track a few users at the same time. Theoretically, it is possible, if you will create one page of the application for one user with the tracking function. So, to verify each user, you will need to switch between tabs.

In case you have additional questions - please let me know.
Best regards,

Hi, @Ecaterina !
I’m back !
I bought the Map Extender plugin again !
In reference to center the Map, I need inform latitude and longitude.
I would like the plugin to automatically identify the center point of the map in relation to the markers.
What is happening is that I inform the latitude and longitude current positions but the markers are too far away as most are not close to me.