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Marketplace plugin issue

Hello guys,
Hope you are doing well!
I’ve recently bought your Stripe Marketplace Express plugin and I can’t go through the first step which is creating a seller account and I can’t figure out why. I’ve read manual and forum topics but same error keeps poping up which is:

I followed process described in your demo but except setting state I saved sellerID to database.


May I ask you to help me out?

Ok guys, I figured out how to register a new user using call connect to stripe marketplace/complete stripe marketplace registration and saving user stripe ID into databse.

However I am still struggling with command related to custom account which is creater a seller. The popup error mentioned aboved keeps showing up and I have no idea why. It says that it was expecting string but got a number. What does it mean? I am slowly getting frustrated…

Hi @sebastianymail,

Thanks for using our products. Let me provide some insights here and help.

This is a great implementation, because you’ll need this ID later on.

Without knowing more about your workflow settings, I can suggest you check whether you have set the Content format for input elements as numbers or not, because it has to be set as text. I assume you might have some inputs where user types his credentials:

So, when you create the bank account token with fields that retrieve data from input elements:

They have to be set as text, so the containing data will be passed as a string. And when you create a seller after the bank account token had been created:

It receives the right information.

Please check our demo editor and docs as well, just to make sure everything is configured properly including the Stripe dashboard, so you can try to replicate perhaps on your side and give it a try again. However, if you still have the same or any other issues, please let us know, but also share a couple of screenshots of workflows and their settings, describe what you’re trying to accomplish and the exact steps to reproduce the issue. This way, we can provide a better solution.

Hope it helps.


Thank you for your response.
Well, unfortunetly I still have this issue.

I looked up what code 400 means which appears on my error and it’s related to improper parametrs in bank acount hash. I don’t know why because all parametrs seems to be allright. Every parameter content format is type text. I even manually writed acc number and same issue!

Here are my settings:

I left some fields unfulfilled because there is no point in filling them when it doesn’t work anyway.

Hi @sebastianymail,

Thanks for your feedback. So, the reason why you’re getting this error is because you’re using a US Account Number but your country is Poland. What you have to do in order to solve it, is:

  1. remove this code:
  2. replace it with a valid Poland IBAN. You can find testing accounts here https://stripe.com/docs/connect/testing

    but when you’re using one of the testing accounts, just change the first 2 characters to your country code, so in this case it would be PL89370400440532013000. Also, please make sure that your input doesn’t include character limit, or even if it has a limit - it is a minimum of 22 characters.


Ahhh, thank you it worked. That was so silly issue.

Hi @sebastianymail,

I’m glad it’s working so far! If you like our plugin, could you please rate it by going to Plugins tab in Bubble editor. You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves. The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to build great plugins!


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Hi there Alexandru,
I rated your plugin 5 out of 5.

I have other issue know regarding adding and deleting bank account from Stripe.
When I want to add or delete bank account nothing happens. No logs in Stripe no errors in Bubble.
Could you give me a hand here?


I use bank testing account provided by Stripe:


Bank Account ID is fixed but I was trying to Retrieve Bank Acc id- same issue.Same when I retrieve user’s seller’s id but I assume I cannot delete an account when I have only one over there, so the issue is to add an account.

And one more question regarding customer which I can’t figure out.
What call should I use in order to display in a text field name of the current customer’s substriction plan and it’s price? It would be great to display image of the plan as well.
I was trying to use Stripe Marketplace - Retrieve a Customer call but I can’t find any matching sub-call which would be capable of doing that… please let me know if you can how can I approach this problem.


Hi @sebastianymail,

Thanks for your feedback! Please let us investigate the use cases with our development team, and I’ll get back to you with an update asap. Meanwhile, could you please specify how and where exactly you’re trying to save the sellerID. Because the way it works, is when the bank account token is created - you (let’s say) create/update an account, then you must save the resulted sellerID whether in a state, or the best way it would be to save this value into your database, then use this one later on when you need to in any other place:

As you can see in our demo, after the seller had been created, you can use the Make changes to current user action instead of setting a state. But make sure to use the same result (based on previous step 1) because the first step returns the sellerID that you need.

Thank you for patience.

Thank you for you feedback. I am aware of sellerID. I saved it in my database as a result of Create a seller call. I also saved customerID when adding Credit Card and I have no problem in deleting, adding or swaping credit card attached to customer. However I don’t know what is the reason behind bank account. I don’t use Make changes to current user command when updating seller account. I did it for a test after I had seen your post and this command deleted SellerID in my database without overwriting with a new one, so now I have an empty cell there for user. :confused:

I found out that Stripe actually gives some feedback when executing update seller command even without make chanages to current user..
I paseted it below: It looks like the account was “created” but I cannot find it in Seller’s account on Stripe. There is only an old one.

Hi @sebastianymail,

Please let us check on it with our development team and I’ll get back to you with a reply on this matter asap!


Hi @sebastianymail,

I’m reaching out with a couple of insights.

Unfortunately, our plugin doesn’t implement this functionality. As a workaround, you can simply save the plan information into your database and use it later on if needed (like, user presses a button to subscribe to Plan X and then you save the price, name etc. into your database, so you don’t use the retrieve call as you already created the plan and you already know all information).

Yes, if you have one bank account, it is not possible to delete it, indeed.

As for your last reply, could you please specify or explain again what exactly you’re facing or trying to accomplish.

Thanks :pray:

Thank you fro your remply. I will try to overcome the first problem with the solution you’ve mentioned.

As for your last reply, could you please specify or explain again what exactly you’re facing or trying to accomplish

I am just simply trying to add another bank account to Seller’s account and even when I get a positive reposne from Stripe as you can see above, the account isn’t added.

I think there is an issue with Update Seller call or my way of thinking about it because when I try to modfiy user data nothing happens to them as well and SellerID is being deleted from my database after submitting a new form and setting up a command to Make changes to current user and save received a new SellerID as a result of step Update Seller - Indv.

2 first steps are not important.

Hi @sebastianymail,

I cannot exactly tell yet, but could you please share the first two steps as well, because it may cause the issue, or at least we’ll be sure that it’s not. This way we can troubleshoot it better. We’ll check on it and get back to you with a reply asap!


These stemps are not relevant because without them it works the same. They just change different inputs while pressing the same button.

name and last name and phone number

Hey there, I just figured out one thing. Update seller command actually works and it changes bank account numebrs. Initially I thought that it just adds another bank account, because of that we have probably misunderstood each other. ( I had been using same bank account number that’s why I didn’t see changes going on but when I had used diffrent one I saw the changes)

Now I wonder how to add account number and delete certain one but I don’t need this in my app at this point.

However, I still don’t know why it doesn’t work when it comes to updating/replacing personal data such as account holder name or address.

Hi @sebastianymail,

Thanks for feedback. I’m glad you’ve managed to solve a good portion of issues. As per this one:

Could you please make sure whether it’s actually using a valid and the appropriate Seller ID:


You can try to manually insert the Seller ID, or you can turn on the debugger and check there if it returns a value for this ID. It is also important to mention that by using the update action you can only change the fields that haven’t been completed or that have failed. As per information that has already been uploaded and verified, you don’t update it.

Hope it helps.

Well that explains everything. I was trying to update fields already filled in. So how can it be done? The user should delete account in Stripe and set it up once again?

Hi @sebastianymail,

Thanks for feedback. This action is intended to update and send only the necessary information rather than one that has already been filled in, indeed. Although, you are able to update all fields, but only if Stripe asks you to do it, meaning there might be some uncertainties in regards to current information.

You don’t have to delete an account in this case. Information like bank account makes sense to update and you’re able to do it easily. You can delete bank accounts and add other ones if needed. Perhaps you can change the address and phone number, but this is it. The rest of static information like first name, last name, document ID etc., in what circumstances it would be required to change this sort of data? Because you just have to change it in case it doesn’t correspond to the name from your document ID, or any other use cases when Stripe asks you. But if name has already been verified, there would be no need to change it because it is a real information.

Hope it helps.

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