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Marketplace plugin issue


Another problem with a plugin.
I notice that when I try to create a session I don’t get session id in response. I double cheched that by trying save session id to database. What might cause that problem? Here are my settings:


Hi @sebastianymail, please let us check on this one and I’ll notify you back asap. Thank you!

Thank you, the problem appears when mode is set to “payment”, when it’s in “setup” it works after deleting most details.

I followed this guy’s tutorial and it works but it is not exactly how these actions should work, because as far as I understand from your manual to this plugin, create a session action call is a diffrent method from create a patment intent and they should work separately.

Create a payment intent (SCA related)

This action call creates a payment intent. Use this when you want to make a payment without user entering the checkout form ( Create a session action call ).

Hi @sebastianymail,

Thanks for feedback. Unfortunately, this error is not reproducing on our side. Could you please share a bit more details so we could see the reason of this error. The best way of doing this is looking into your Logs:

Please make sure the Filter is cleared, so you can get the appropriate results. And specifically this one:

So we can check on its Response body message to see the reason, then provide a feedback on this matter asap. :pray:

Any clue?

Thanks @sebastianymail for feedback. I’m afraid it is the latest change that Stripe has made on the platform level. Please let us adapt and fix this one on our side as well, so you’ll be able to use the updated version of our plugin asap!

Thanks, could you please let me know when can I expect it?

Hi @sebastianymail, sorry for delay. Our development team is still working on this fix. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee estimates, but you can be sure that I’ll notify you as soon as we publish the updated version of our plugin, so you could upgrade and run your application smoothly. :pray:

Hi @sebastianymail the sessionID related issue has been fixed as well. Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hi there,
It seems to work. :slight_smile:

Is is possible to change payment method. I think it is fixed to card right now. Meanwhile in the Stipe docs I found out that it can be easy changed to other type of method such as Platnosci24 or Giropay which is used in Germany. In Europe people like to use local providers instead of cards because it feels more secure and its more convinient.


Thanks for feedback @sebastianymail

Yes, it is possible to change the payment_method, but with our plugin you can create payment methods only based on a card.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for your answer. Well that’s a pity! Do you have something in plans or do you know how to overcome that?

It seems like the plugin works but it looks like money in Stripe doesn’t go to PaymentIntent (connected account) but to main account even when SellerID is specified in the plugin.

When I put fixed SellerID I get this message:
It has nothing to with API keys because I said wrote it works when these fields are dynamic functions but SellerID is not being read.


I think there must be a problem with Go to checkout SCA action because when Seller ID is empty in this window, everything works but money doesn’t go to Connected Account but to main account.
There are no errors in Stripe’s log.

Thanks a lot for feedback @sebastianymail. Please let us check on and I’ll get back to you with a feedback asap!

Hi @sebastianymail,

Unfortunately, this issue is not reproducing on our side. The issue has to be in the Create a session action that causes the rest of problems as well. Please make sure to be entering the appropriate data in this fields especially: (images for illustration purposes)


You don’t need these ones to be filled in:


These are the products from Stripe account. Respectively, they have to be in user’s account that receives the money. But we have set our plugin so you can pay from Stripe only for platform products.

In order to pay for a freelancer’s product (as an example), you simply need to set the fields as previously showcased.

Are you actually storing seller’s products in their Stripe? Because if these products are platform ones, you’ll receive errors anyway even if plugin was limited in this sense.

And when you Go to checkout, it is required to contain the Seller ID as well:


Which seems to be ok on your side. Then you should be able to see a successful payment on a connected account.

Hope it helps.

Ok thanks,
now I get this; Stripe and Internet are ok :thinking:

Are you actually storing seller’s products in their Stripe?

no :upside_down_face:

There is only one positive POST log in Stripe no errors

@sebastianymail thanks for feedback.

In this case everything should be up-and-running if everything is configured as previously mentioned. You simply need to fill in those fields with appropriate data and this is it, no more, no less:



Sorry my fault there was a “space sign” in one of the inputs.
When I created everything once again I get this Stripe error in logs.


@sebastianymail thanks for feedback.

Could you please make sure that for the Go to checkout action you actually have the same Stripe ID, because they need to be filled in in both actions and it has to be the same ID. As we cannot see whether or not in the second action it has been changed as well.

And please make sure you’re using the latest version of this plugin. But if you still have the same issue, we’ll check on it inside your app.


Okeey I know what is going on.
I have to write at least “10” in application fee to make it work. If I write “1”, “0” or I left an empty field, an error pops up. I would like to avoid it because I don’t want to charge my users for payments. Can you please fix it?

Image details are not necessary.

Hi @sebastianymail,

Thanks for feedback. It will throw these issues, indeed. The idea is that it’s working as intended because if you do not set a Fee, you’ll actually be loosing in business sense because the platform owner pays monthly for each connected account. You are paying for active users and transactions.

So it would be best to set a Fee for covering at least Stripe services and things will run smoothly.