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Multi-Uploader - Errors with uploading larger files and extension being stripped


Hi there,

I’ve been very impressed by how well the Multi-Uploader works! Just a few issues with the below - any help would be much appreciated!

  • If I try to upload something over +/-40MB, the upload appears to be using the phone’s Wi-Fi (the Android Wi-Fi upload icon appears) but the progress circle doesn’t appear and the % meter doesn’t show either
  • The ‘Tap to cancel’ doesn’t work at all, at any time
  • When trying to upload an MP3, the file extension (.mp3) gets stripped out from the filename, making it impossible to determine what elements to show (music player) and even when the file is downloaded, Windows doesn’t recognise it as an MP3 and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Please help me with this.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hello @mccjon99

Thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately seems that we are encountering bugs in the plugin. Our team will analyze the plugin and will fix the bugs causing the issues. Thank you for reporting, I will keep you posted in this regard.

Best Regards,


It/s nice to see at least you got a response.


Thanks Alex, keen to see the update!


Hello @mccjon99,

The updated version of the plugin with bug fixes was published. Please update the plugin to the latest version to have it working properly. Unfortunately, due to some limitations of Bubble the functionality “Cancel Upload” was deleted. All other functionalities should work correctly.

Best Regards,


Hi Alex,

I hope you’re well?

The updated uploader works pretty well for some browsers on some phones but there are still some serious bugs which is making it very difficult to launch my app, https://teleportit.app (free signup if you’d like to test it at all). I’ve listed the problems below.

If you can update these without support that would be first prize, otherwise please let me know what custom development could cost to get this 100% right as my early users have loved the app but the bugs are making it difficult to workaround.

On an iPhone (with Safari browser)
Just like the audio files, when trying to upload an image by clicking ‘Photo Library’ on the popup menu, it allows the file to be uploaded but strips out the file extension. In this video and picture of the workflows, I’ve got a rule that shows an error if a ‘.’ isn’t in the last 4 characters of a URL - you will see the error is shown because the extension is being stripped out.

But if I click ‘Take a Photo or video’ - the file uploads correctly.

Downloading files on an iPhone (with Safari), using ZQ Easy File Downloader
Clicking my download button triggers the below download workflow. On my Samsung S8, using Samsung Internet and Chrome, it triggers the system download window to show. On my wife’s iPhone 5s, it just ends up going to a ‘blob’ page and the download doesn’t start. Please see this video

Upload dialog on Android, using Chrome and Samsung Internet
When using the ZQ AWS File Uploader on Chrome, I am only shown the blue ‘Files’ option when I click on the uploader. This is the option that strips out the file extension from audio files, which is not good. This is the first image below.

The second image is of Samsung Internet browser, where the blue ‘Files’ option is there, and there is an orange ‘My Files’ option. If I use this option, the audio file extension works and is not stripped out. It would be great to only have the orange ‘My Files’ option being shown on all browsers so users can’t get confused.

Thanks so much, love what you guys have been doing!!


Hello @mccjon99,

Thank you for reaching out! We will investigate the problems reported by you and will do our best to fix the issues and make the plugin work properly. At the same time if it is not a problem for you, could you please add [email protected] as collaborators to your app. That would help a lot and will let us to better understand the issues. Also, please specify the page where you are using the plugin.

Best Regards,


Hi Alex,

I’ve been trying to mail you a reply but the mails keep bouncing back. Thanks so much for your work on it! Do you know when the plugin will be updated?

How do I add you as collaborators? I’m only on the Personal plan; do I need to be on a higher plan for that?



Hi @mccjon99

Sorry for a delayed reply, we are still working on plugin.

As for adding us as collaborator, please got Settings of your application -> Collaboration Tab, input for adding a user can be found lower.

Tell us the name of your application, which page you’ve encountered the issue and steps to reproduce the issue.


Hi Dumitru,

Thanks a lot for that! I’ve just added [email protected] as a Collaborator. The page I’m working on is ‘Index’.

Group = ‘Group Upload Something’
Sub-group = ‘Group Upload File AWS’

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hello @mccjon99

Thank you for providing access to your app. Our team will investigate the issues and will work on finding a solution. I will keep you posted in this regard.

Best Regards,


Hello @mccjon99,

Our team tested the issues reported by you and here is what we have found:

Unfortunately, iOS versions prior to 13, there is a limitation form Apple that does not allow downloading media files from web.

Regarding these two issues:

I am afraid after extensive testings we could not reproduce those issues on our side. Maybe it was a temporary bug that resolved by itself. Anyway, at the moment our team is working on an update of the plugin and once it will be published I will let you know. I hope on the new version you will not face those problems anymore.

I will keep you posted in this regard.

Best Regards,


@mccjon99, the updated version of the plugin was published. Please update the plugin to the latest version and if it is possible, check once again if earlier reported errors do continue to appear.

Best Regards,


Hi Alex,

Thanks a lot for that!

Just to check, is this V1.39.0 - for the ‘AWS File Uploader - any Size’ plugin?

Thanks again!


Hello @mccjon99,
Could you please confirm one thing? This issue was related to Multi-Uploader right?

That is what I understood, from the name of the topic and introduction in the first post. And the update was done to the multi-uploader plugin.

Best Regards,


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your confirmation!

I was initially referring to the Multi-Uploader but then tried the AWS File Uploader - Any Size plugin. The AWS File Uploader plugin includes the MultiUploader element, so I thought the Multiuploader within the AWS File Uploader would be updated as well.

Apologies for the confusion!!


Hello @mccjon99,

Ok, no worries, thanks for informing me. So, regarding the issues, I have retested the plugin on your app and on our side as well. During the testing, I managed to upload images without getting the error message. All extensions were saved accordingly, the only case when I got the error notification was when I uploaded the .jpeg image. But in this case, the error appeared because of the logic. Verification set up by you is working only for extensions with 3 characters after the dot. So here you will have to update the logic as the problem is not in plugin. You can check in your app that all images were saved correctly.
With audio files, the error did reproduce this time, our team will check the cause of the issue and I will come back to you with an answer.

I will keep you posted in this regard.

Additionally referring to that question:

I checked that with our team and unfortunately, this wouldn’t be possible to implement.

Best Regards,


Hi Alex,

Thanks so much for checking that out!

Thanks for checking the image verification; I can fix that! And I’m glad you could reproduce the audio error; thanks for having a look at it!

And thanks for checking re the ‘My Files’ option :slight_smile:

Kind regards,