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Need help for Ride share app


Hello again…so…i could revert to a previous state where everything was ok…and built it again…now i have one problem that i also had before between so many…one is not bad…ahaha…so my distance doesn’t change no matter where i put it…the duration changes ok,the price too…bu the distance doesn’t…it’s always 28,8 km…can you help? thank you


Oh yeah i forgot the console window…and i already see its a problem with the api key…it cant be…since they are all grouped together under only one api key and all the others are working fine…can you help?


Hello @josesimoes1987,

In order to solve this issue please open your app in bubble editor. Go to the page “app-rider” find the element “Text Google Maps API” click on “Google Maps API - Distance & Duration” in the opened window set the value of fields “origins” and “destination” as shown on the screenshot.

Best Regards,


hello again,thanks it worked…one question…can you tell me what is the purpose of the 3 different areas of cost per km? i mean,my question is,i did change in the data part the cost per km and nothing changed…i always have to go to the UI builder ultimately…so why are those fields there in the data TYPE? and another question,is there a way to add for example 1 euro in the begining of the trip? like uber does and then the cost per kilometer too? or you can just set the cost per kilometer? thank you :slight_smile: everything is going smooth now



I am not really sure I understand what are you referring to. Could you please specify where exactly you have 3 different data types for cost per km?

This should be possible but you will have to redesign the payment workflow by yourself.

Best Regards,


Oh…ok…thanks…by the way…is there a SIMPLE way to put the app in the right format for mobile?
Like you see in the screen cap its all misconfigured on the cellphone version.
Once again thank you.


Hello @josesimoes1987,

Unfortunately, in most of the cases each element should be placed manually. There are no solutions that can do that for you.

Best Regads,