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New Plugin from Zeroqode - Video Player

no longer needed, but next time if you want to send a PM simply hover over the username and you will see a small popup with the “message” button :slight_smile:

i believe we didn’t implement this, if it’s critical we can try adding Vimeo files as well. Please let me know

Hey there,
we have just added support for vimeo videos, you can install the newer version of plugin, refresh the page and try again.

Is it possible to set the playback position for this player? With the ability to stop and start the player, I’d like to be able to reset the playback position for it to continue from a specific point.

Is it possible to do this now, or could it be added?

When trying to play a video for the first time, the play interaction does not appear to work for a vimeo video. If I hit play using the video controls, it starts to play and then the play control command works. However, I’m trying to remove the access to the video’s natural play functions in order to control the start and stop of playback.

The video being played is a standard vimeo video link. I need this function because auto-play also does not seem to work for a vimeo video. Any ideas?

This seems to be limited to Chrome. Additionally, I cannot replicate the same functionality on the demo page where the playback position automatically resets to 0 on “play next video”. I am creating time sensitive material that works off of the playback position and when the video’s change, the playback position does not change to 0 until the video starts to play. This causes the time sensitive information to display early because the playback position from the previous video already exceeds the timecode triggers programmed in for the new video.

Hello, thanks for your message.
The plugin is supposed to work correctly in all browsers, did you see it not working in any particular browser? If so, please let us know which one
as for replicating the functionality of the demo page, did you check the editor of our demo page? Here it is https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=vidio_player_tests&id=zeroqode-demo-06&tab=tabs-1

this is already implemented in the plugin, you can see it in the workflow actions

if it still doesn’t work please share the link with us and we’ll check

hope this is helpful

Chrome does not work as I wrote in the previous message. I have used your demo site extensively to work out if I am doing anything different. The only difference I see is that my plug in does not provide the same options as the one you are using int he demo site. Are they the same version (1.8)?

Where can I set the video players playback position?


Here is the workflow. Fairly straight forward, I just want it to move to the next video, which it does, but the text designating the playback position does not reset until I hit play. When testing on Safari, the auto play does kick in but the time sensitive material flashes for a second until the video starts and the playback position resets to 0.

Here are my settings from my app and your settings from the demo side by side. There is a difference in options available.


** Any chance that we can look at this please? I purchased the tool hoping to get functionality that does not appear to be working and is critical to what we are trying to achieve.**

Hi @sanastasi what you see is correct.
We are hard working on deploying the latest version 1.9, that will contain also features you are currently missing.On our demo page you can see already test version containing some new features, which is the reason, why is the version 1.8 different.

Please bear with us. We plan to reveal the update on Tuesday.



We have just updated the plugin with the following improvements:

  • Added more theme skins Default, Black & white, Highlight Green, iPlayer Rose, iPlayer,
  • added workflow action “set playback position”
  • added option to play video on hover
  • added option to customize progress bar
  • bug fixes

Please refresh your editor, install the latest plugin version, refresh again and give it a try

This has regressed and none of the video in Vimeo that were playing are now playing.

can you share some vimeo links please?


2.1.0 working better however following error is getting generated via Next Video…
The plugin Video Player / action Play next video a Video Player threw the following error: TypeError: a.data.player.playlist.next is not a function
at eval (eval at g.create_code (https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/0b95314d584d4d1c8f1bfb5f4310c2e3e1007746287f3b3348c8ffc76001c084/xfalse/x3:101:13310), :3:39)
at https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/0b95314d584d4d1c8f1bfb5f4310c2e3e1007746287f3b3348c8ffc76001c084/xfalse/x3:102:4649 (please report this to the plugin author)


we have fixed this error, you can update the plugin version and try

this is working fine for us, inlcuding in the demo page, can you share some screenshots of plugin settings and workflows

this is a private video, it cannot be accessed by plugin

also, the plugin doesn’t support lists of youtube or vimeo files, the youtube or vimeo links has to be supplied to the player one by one, but you can control that from workflows

Thank you. The plugin appears to be working. Only lingering issue is that when moving from one video to the next, the playback counter still does not reset when the video changes. As a result, the counter still reads the same timecode on which the previous video stopped. This can be addressed with the new feature of resetting the playback position so there is a work around. I have not tested out the rest of the features, but this version does appear to be working. Thank you to the team for helping out. This was very important.

I have found that when a record updates, the video link will not automatically update. It needs to be manually reset with the set dynamic_link workflow action. Again, there is a work around but it appears that if I need to cycle through a series of records and get the player to play the current video link for each record, you need to manually force both the player link to reset and the playback counter.

we are checking this issue,
meanwhile we received another feedback from a user, which might help you

Thanks for getting back to me. I think I spotted the issue. I had to delete the video element that was made prior to the update and replace it with a completely new one. It only breaks whenever the element isn’t switched out. I also had to refresh the reusable element that the video player was placed into.

fixed this

this one fixed too