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Hey All + Levon,

I just bought the Page to PDF plugin and it took way too much to get going. However, I did get it going with one issue.

The page is really small on the pdf after its generated.

Two things:

  1. I am unable to select format ‘Letter’ it makes the plugin error out:

  1. How can I get the bubble page to fill the PDF

Let me know,

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Hello, @ben3 thanks for reaching out.

To make the resulting PDF page be the same width/height of your bubble page, please try the following (if you are using a new plugin element ConvertortoPDFv2.0 with the latest plugin update):

  1. in the ConverttoPDF action, choose the Format = Custom Format, Custom Format = your page/element width/height, indicate the ID of the page/element you want to convert to PDF - https://prnt.sc/ufm3n9

  2. my page has 2 groups (group “group” and group “html_group”) that I want to convert to PDF; I indicate Convert target = single element, ID = page (the ID of the page) and I indicate into the Pagebreakers ID field the IDs of the groups. Why - to let the plugin know what “pages” should my PDF file have - https://prnt.sc/ufm98b | https://prnt.sc/ufm9kq

  3. the converted PDF file looks pretty OK - https://prnt.sc/ufmaih

Thus, to make your PDF element look nice, use the Custom Format and indicate the exact width/height of the element you want to convert.


We will investigate this issue, thanks for reporting. By now, please try to use the Custom Format parameter, as I have suggested to you. It should work fine.

I will be waiting forward to your reply to make sure my suggestion was workable for you.
Regards, Kate

Hey Kate,

None of these suggestions worked for me. I demonstrated that on a screen recording. Please see that here: https://www.loom.com/share/d72a0d65b4ea44c5961e407c62eec74f

Let me know what to do next.

All the best,


Thanks for the video.

The first thing I have noticed - when you were using the Custom Format parameter, you specified only the page width 770. You need to indicate to the Custom Format field width and height of the page you want to have after the conversion.

The second thing - regarding the letter format. As I have said, we will investigate the issue with the letter format. We are aware of it, thanks for reporting. While we are investigating it, can you please restrict from using any formats except the Custom Format? If you follow my recommendation carefully, you will get the PDF page which looks nice after the conversion.

The third thing - the PDF file won’t be done just right after you have clicked the button, you need to wait till the plugin finish the conversion. The delay time depends on the page you want to convert - if it is a simple page without some complex data that needs to be loaded, no repeating groups are there, no heavy elements - the conversion will be super fast. But if you have several groups on the page that contain some repeating groups or heavy images - you need to wait. Plus, I can recommend you to add the action “Add a pause before next action”, before the ConverrttoPDF action.

If you want, I can assist you with setting up your ConverttoPDF action within your app - you just need to add our [email protected] email as a collaborator of your app. Thus, you will have a workable example of how you need to set up your PDF action, to get it to work nicely.

(You can add the support email as a collaborator even if your app plan is a Hobby.)

I will be glad to assist, so I’m waiting for your response concerning my suggestion.
Regards, Kate

Add you as a collaborator to the app. Here is the flow: https://www.loom.com/share/159ba96957774327bbf71a0465537f38

Also, here is a loom demonstrating the steps you asked me to take above: https://www.loom.com/share/ea2a8c9fd56d46078869a7766dd99e2b

Let me know what I need to do next.



Thanks for adding our support as a collaborator of your app.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to run as a user you’ve suggested, and reproduce your scenario. I suppose I need edit rights for the database also (no worries, I won’t intrude to your database :slightly_smiling_face:):

Please provide the ability to run your application as one of your users to let me proceed with the investigation :pray:

Regards, Kate

I guess its good now.

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I mean, you can now login and take a look, it still doesnt work.


Okay, got it. I’m investigating your app again at the moment. It is possible to run the pages as your database user, thanks!

I will let you know once I’m ready.
Thank you and apologies for the delay :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards, Kate

Benjamin, thank you for your patience :slightly_smiling_face:
Once more, apologies for the delay and for the fact that you were forced to wait for my investigation.

I have fixed a bit your ConverttoPDF action, so the invoice looks good now. I have applied changes to the download_invoice page, as per fact this page has the PDF plugin convert action:

Please let me know if I can assist you with some else invoice/PDF action in your app :pray:
Regards, Kate

Awesome, thank you! What was the issue, why could I not achieve this result?

There is one more thing I need help with to get this plugin working for me. Can you please see this look?

All the best,


Only a few things:

  1. you had Unit=pt (I’ve changed to px);
  2. Element ID did not played a role, to be honest;
  3. I’ve added paddings to make the resulted PDF page look a bit tidier;
  4. I used Custom Format (850,1250) - you can use a4 if you want - it should work too.

Regarding your image issue. When I previewed the downloadea page, your images in the HTML element looked like this - https://prnt.sc/uhvwve.

I have added a simple image element with the static file because I can’t find the way to fix your HTML element (it’s broken on the preview). I have also tried the dynamic source - it didn’t work, unfortunately.

It works if you use a simple image element, but, as I understand, you need a dynamic option.

I’ll ask my colleagues about the possibility to convert the PNG image into PDF. I hope to get back to you asap when I will have some useful info.

Regards, Kate

Please take a look at this loom: https://www.loom.com/share/8bf380f55fd24197940ee2c1bc32622d

Here is the URL: https://bodywisdom.omoffice.org/version-test/downloadea/1600204399778x935123621635948500?debug_mode=true

I cant use a static image as its stored as a link stored on a server.

Let me know!!!



Thanks for the clarification and the URL you’ve shared :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes, I completely understand that without the user’s ID parameter, the downloadea page won’t show me any dynamic data. I was previewing this page via your [email protected] user, so I supposed it should work.

Completely understand. That’s why I have added this PNG issue to the bug-report of the PDF plugin. Good thing is that the plugin fix is almost done. So after this PNG images issue investigation, I hope we will roll a plugin update :pray:

I will let you know asap when the plugin update will be ready. Thank you for your patience.
Regards, Kate

With this plugin am I able to store said file to my database? I want it to be able to convert the file just as it does already, but next I want it to store that file to the database?


Yes, sure it is possible. You can save the converted PDF file in 2 ways:

  1. save as file into the File Manager - activate the Upload File to AWS checkbox https://prnt.sc/uk3vdp
  2. save as URL into the database:

I hope it helps :pray:
Regards, Kate

You are definitely helping me here. thank you so much! See this loom: https://www.loom.com/share/f987b3174d1647c1a1d68f9522133812

Thank you,

ps. what time zone are you in?


Thank you for your questions. Here I try to assist you with some insights:

  • Auto Save PDF checkbox is used for showing the converted PDF file right after the conversion was done. So, if you forget to activate this checkbox, you won’t get the PDF file after the ConverttoPDF action was finished;

  • saving the ConverttoPDF’s Output file URL’s URL (text value), you can attach the PDF file’s URL to almost any part of the bubble app. For example, you can attach the PDF’s file URL just like the simple text link, or you can attach it as the iFrame element (example. I’m not sure if you can attach the PDF file itself to the database table, but to attach the PDF’s URL - it is possible);

  • regarding the File Manager’s Attached to column - currently, this feature is not developed completely, so I’m afraid you can’t use it. But we’ll definitely add it in the future.


I hope my suggestion will be useful for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.

Got it. Autosave is a good thing here.

Are you saying that I wont be able to save the file itself to my database? I dont want to save a url unless you are able to download the url with a workflow. If that is possible, then I will be able to use this plugin. I am looking to have that file written to a record that it attached to someone then later down the line the person who it was attached to might want to download it. The way it works right now, the person logs into their account, click “downloads” and is able to download any file that is attached to their account. I want this to be like that. Right now the other files are attached by the “file” field type.

Do you know a way to download from the link with a button click?


Take a look, I may have found a workaround if this would work: https://www.loom.com/share/54a10c94dc074a418717d8c19df96556

Basically, when I wrote that url to a record, nothing writes.

Please help.