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PDF Converter Issue - Get output AWS URL

Hello to all,

I am writing to you because I have the same problem as @Zetagastro in this topic: PDF Converter Issues (file/url empty)

I am very annoyed because it seems impossible to get the output file URL of the document converted to PDF…

I have tried all the solutions suggested in this topic but nothing seems to work.

What I’m trying to do:

The user arrives on a preview page of his quote.

When the page is loaded, and if the “PDF_URL” field of the item “Quote” is empty, then the plugin converts the item with the ID “quote” and uploads it to AWS (I only checked this option for this event, not the auto save one).

A second workflow (A convertor to PDF uploading to AWS is finished) is in charge of making a modification on the “PDF_URL” field of the item quote page to include the AWS output URL.

As mentioned above, I checked that the ID field was filled, I separated the two workflows … Nothing works…

I am very annoyed because I realize this functionality for a customer and I am blocked.

Could you please help me?

Other info: I ran the workflows with the debugger in step by step mode to try to understand the problem.

It seems that the first event allowing the upload on AWS simply does not work…

As you can see on the screenshot below, the output URL is empty.

Ok I did it! I’ll keep you posted for those who would have the same problem :

You just had to check the “File uploads enabled” box in the PDF converter element on your page… :sweat_smile:

HOWEVER, I am now facing a new problem.

I now have 2 workflow events on my page. The first one “when page is loaded” which uploads the PDF to AWS, the second one which occurs when the user clicks on the “export to pdf” button, which saves the file to his computer.

The problem:

The two files are not the same…

The file obtained via the upload on AWS has a lot of missing fields, unlike the one via autosave which is complete. You can see the difference below:

Do you know where this difference could come from?

Thank you!

Hi @bootstrapperideas

I’m glad that you’ve found the solution and thank you for providing information for the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for this issue, I’ve replied in another forum thread. Could you please check the provided solution here: PDF Converter Issue - Different output files between AWS output URL / Autosave - #2 by gulce.besel :pray:t2:

Besides, as I see from your screenshots, you are using old and new plugin actions in the same event. Let please suggest you use only the newest plugin action which is called "Generate pdf from HTML server-side ConvertortoPDFv2.0 A ". It provides a high-quality PDF document as a result of the plugin’s conversion. We are using both actions in our demo page as an example for the users who are using older plugin versions and action. But, it’s not mandatory to use the “Convert PDF ConvertoPDFv2.0”, if you are already using the new plugin action.

In case you need any additional information, please let me know.