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Thank you for this but I can’t access demo “Sorry, you do not have permission to view this app”


Hi, Is there any documentation around how notifications are handled in the template?

I’m interested in purchasing the ZQ rich code template so users can mention other users in comments and descriptions. I want users to get a notification when they are mentioned, but I’m worried there will be significant customisation required.

Any help from the ZQ team?


Hello there @gam, so it’s already exists in the currently version of ZQ Rich text. But now we remake that in new major rewriting of this Plugin. And we suggest to everyone who uses ZQ Rich text editor, to update the plugin and to reset functionality which exists for the new element.

You will have to make it works via workflow, but then you will need my assistance you can write in the new topic on forum, and mention me. In that case I will try to provide you the best support.

Thank you.


I can’t access demo “Sorry, you do not have permission to view this app”


Hello @wojtek, sorry for this, now i will explain everything with a short instruction.


So @wojtek before deleting the elements make sure that you have done backup for index page to have possibility to make products displayed by weekdays and as simple list.

Check it out if you want to display your products as simple list:

  1. You have to extract Repeating group productsByDay and to put it in group Products wrap like here.
  2. Then delete this elements.
  3. Then setup data receiving like here.

In case you want to display all the products divided on weekdays, like Monday, Tuesday check this out.

  1. You don’t have to delete anything as in previous instruction.
  2. Chose the text Repeating group Produ.
  3. And change the date format of this element like here if you want long weekdays namings, and ddd if you want short naming like MON, TUE and so on.

P.S. Check out the variations of formating the date to find the best suitable for you.

Hope it helps you,
Thank you.


I think you misunderstood me. I want to get a list of products by the week. Week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Show products from
“This week”
“Last week”
“2 weeks ago”
“Week of 9 - 15.10.2019”


I went with 1-3 first steps and now I don’t see anything and have lots of errors in conditions.


There is some fine-tuning to this template needed, especially on mobile. The main problem I found here, and there is that when the user is on the phone and touching the clickable area, the screen doesn’t move to show new content (topics on index, featured product on the product page, etc.). When you are on the desktop, it’s not a problem, but on phone, it looks like the link is broken as there is no change for the user on-screen.


Hey @wojtek you have to delete conditions from the Repeating Group, and it will works fine. The conditions are set up for the filtrating the data, you don’t need it.


Sorry but I maybe not getting something here.

I want to show products not by days but by weeks.

“This week” - contains products with CreationDate in an active week.
“Last week” - contains products with CreationDate from last week.
“2 weeks ago” - contains products with CreationDate from 2 weeks ago.

Does any of your suggestions will give me that effect?


Hello @wojtek, I have to analyse that one request, and I will be back to you ASAP.

Thank you,


Could you give me an answer on this topic?


Hello there @wojtek, sorry for delayed response it’s kind a complex ticket, for realising of your functionality you have to change createdDate from Text type to Date type for the whole application, in order to filter the products and sort it as current date - 7 days for previous week, -14 for 2 weeks ago and so on.

We will try to show you in form of a demo setup via screenshots, but you could try and do it by yourself.
It’s a priority ticket.So I will provide the instruction with details to you ASAP.
Thank for understanding,


Can you help me with making a repeating group which is list of weeks? “This week”, “Last week” etc?


Yes @wojtek , I’m talking about this functionality, I will provide you with instructions ASAP.

Thank you,


Hey there @wojtek, so on we have a solution for you, there are few changes which you have to implement:

  1. You have to move RepeatingGroup productsByDay, with all the inner containers and content from Group Product by Day, to Group Products Wrap like here.
  2. You have to create 2 additional states on the index page like this.
  3. You have to do a search for RepeatingGroup productsByDay, with the next parameters.
  4. You have to create buttons at the edges of the Repeating group, or above, or below chose which is more suitable for your design vision like here.
  5. For button Previous, you have to create the next actions: https://prnt.sc/psvwe7, https://prnt.sc/psvwsb. The highlighted fields are the result of our 2 step.
  6. For button next the same, but instead of minus you have to put plus(https://prnt.sc/psvy1h, https://prnt.sc/psvy8m).

This is the only way which you could implement without JS custom plugins.

Thank you for your patience, really appreciate this.


thx for that will test it