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QR & Bar Code Reader - New Plugin from Zeroqode

is this the link you are trying? https://zeroqode-demo-07.bubbleapps.io/barcode_2_demo

This is the link I have been trying

I have 2 question:

Can we have a way to make the camera refocus?

Can we change from front camera to the rear?

Hi @ben

As Levon mentioned the latest demo version link is located here: https://zeroqode-demo-07.bubbleapps.io/barcode_2_demo

Regarding the questions:

  1. There isn’t a way to make the camera refocus manually, the only way is it to let it autofocus and using it while having a good source of light and having a good camera overall.

  2. It is possible to set either the rear facing or from facing camera when you start live scanner. The plugin will detect the cameras and offers you to choose which one to use.


Hello Dumitru, thank you so much for getting back to me,

Is there a way to have option to toggle flash?

The pop up option to select front or rear only applies to android OS.
IOS user do not have this option.

I just tried the new link but the scanner stop working, there was a red box around the QR code previously.
I am testing in broad day light testing using EAN-13 barcode.

Hi @ben

No, unfortunately not possible.

Yep, sorry did not knew about it. The popup seems like it depends on other factors as well like browser/OS version, however you could set it in the plugin setting

We may look into it so you could set the camera mode in frontend, but no promises here or eta on update.


Hi @levon ,

The prior version had an event CODE DETECTED that we could use in workflow to trigger action DECODE_LOCAL_IMAGE. I don’t see these in the new version. Are they no longer needed?


Hello @aperry99

Let’s us check this option, I’ll be back to you with an update on the matter. Thanks for understanding.


we have pushed and update:
Added event Code Detected
Added feature to decode local images (Any barcode except QR Code )

please upgrade to the latest version and give it a try.

Hi @levon. Sorry for the delay. So, the CODE DETECTED event does not work for QR CODE reader? This is the functionality that was working in the prior version, but does not seem to be working in this version. My CODE DETECTED event should stop the reader and search my DB for the matching code. Please let me know if there is another way to accomplish this.


as I mentioned we added this event, please upgrade the plugin to the latest version and try

It doesn’t seem to be working. When I scan the QR code, I get the sound that the code has been detected, but the decode event does not trigger and stop the reader. If I examine the QR Code reader in the debugger, I see the correct code, but the code detected workflow does not trigger.

I was able to setup an event to trigger when the reader’s result code is not empty and that gives me the result I want.



Hello @levon , after I stop reader, the reader view only hide but doesn’t stop.

Hello @ben! How do you know that the reader doesn’t stop, could you tell us more please?

Hi there,

On the demo page. I’m not able to get my iOS device to recognize QR codes via the live reader. (regular barcodes are fine). I’ve tried printing, blowing up the codes to be oversized with different distances and illumination. Any thoughts?

Hi Jon,
are you using this demo page? https://zeroqode-demo-07.bubbleapps.io/barcode_2_demo

Yes. That is the demo page I used.

The thing is that the detecter when set to auto detects everything but the qr codes, it has to be set to “qr” so that it works with qr elements. We will update the demo to add a second element for scanning strictly qr codes.
Hope this helps

we have updated the demo page and included a separate element just for scanning qr codes