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🗣 Redditly Aggregation like Reddit - New Template from Zeroqode


Redditly - Aggregation like Reddit Template is a no-code template where users can subscribe to communities and have real-time conversations, share articles, posts and images. It is designed to cater for different categories of communities such as art, gaming, tech, sports, business, sports, memes and so on.


  • Fully responsive pages
  • Minimal design
  • Multi-level comments and replies
  • Responsive admin dashboard
  • Dynamic database structure
  • Messaging
  • Shared links copier

Live demo: https://redditly.bubbleapps.io/

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hello, great job on this template. If I may ask, as a purchaser, how do you change the messaging aspect to allow a search for users to send a message. If it becomes the case there are 1,000 users, you cannot scroll through that many people to view the message.

Also, when you view a post on a desktop, and let’s say you have a photo the shape of a book, it does a very wide photo. For example, on Redditly, the photo is normal on the Feed screen, but when you look at the post, for at least the computer version, it’s not fit to scale. How do you fix this? It also works in the picture uploader, if there’s a wide image it fits to scale, if there’s a box like image it does too. Please let me know, and great job on this template. Thank you.

Hi @belongeryhq,

Thanks for reaching out. You are able to perform a search for users on this platform by username in the Search Box, then preview the results under Users Tab. Here is an example of our demo page:

Afterwards, you could view user’s profile and send him a message if you will.

Regarding pictures that are not scaling to fit, let us better investigate this issue and I’ll get back to you asap.

Thank you for understanding.


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Thank you for that. Looking forward to your response to scale to fit an image. Also, on the following aspect, when you follow a user, it does not show that you are following them in the following tab. It only increased the number of followers if you follow yourself. How do we fix the following aspect? I have fixed the message so that the user can scroll the messages to see their list for who they’d like to contact. Thank you.

Here’s an example: demo1 is following Dami, however, on demo1’s profile it doesn’t show how many people they are following.
Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you.

Hi @belongeryhq, thank you for feedback. Let us also fix this issue and I’ll get back to you with updates asap. In case you experience some other bugs, please inform us. Thank you :pray:

Hi @belongeryhq, I’m reaching out to notify that we have fixed the issues. If you have purchased this template, in order to see the changes it is required to create a new app using this theme. You can also give it a try again to our updated demo version. In case you experience other issues, please let us know. Thank you for patience!

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Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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Hi @belongeryhq, thanks for feedback!

If you like our template you can rate it by going to Template tab in Bubble editor. Find the template by name and give it as many stars as it deserves.

The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to build great templates :smiley:

Thanks! :pray:

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I have reviewed the template with a 5-stars as I’m genuinely impressed with your service. I have one more question: If on the current page profile I’d like for the user to see the cumulative number of upvotes that a user has participated in on the platform, how could I implement that? As you see, I made an attempt but can’t seem to figure it out. This should be the last of my questions regarding the template, thank you!27%20PM

Hi @belongeryhq, thank you for your feedback!
Regarding your question, it is more Bubble related, but here is an example of how to retrieve the cumulative number of upvotes:

However, this one displays the total number of upvotes per post, rather than separate user’s count. I’m afraid this template doesn’t implement such functionality, but I can point you to the right direction at your own discretion. There is a workaround that can help:

Create a new field of type number inside User table within your database, give it an appropriate name, set default value to 0, then set the workflow for action when user clicks the upvote arrow of a post, to add up 1 to the value of newly created field. This one could be retrieved and displayed inside user’s profile later.

If you have more questions regarding Bubble development itself, please post your request here https://forum.bubble.io/ where you can find help from Bubble community.

Thank you for understanding.

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Last question. When you send a user from a profile to send a message, it doesn’t automatically populate the user on the send message screen. How can we configure, for example, if I’d like to send Dami a message, how can I set it up so automatically it populates in the dropdown? This is template related and likely my last question regarding this awesome template :smile: 00%20PM

Hi @belongeryhq, thanks for your feedback. It doesn’t automatically populate the dropdown with user, indeed. But you can customize it to accomplish that. So, the way you can achieve this, is when you click to send a message on user’s profile, you adjust the workflow to redirect you to the messages page with also sending URL parameters. Each user has its own unique ID within profile URL, which you can lately use in the Send Message popup, to set the dropdown value with appropriate username based on the ID passed as parameter. Hope it helps!


Hello, I bought this template and was wondering a couple quick questions: Howcome on the mobile template version of Redditly, when you are logged in on Safari, and swipe up to not have Safari up any longer, it doesn’t recognize you’re logged in. Even when you refresh the page it recognizes you’re logged in, but not initially.

For example, I logged in as Demo:

Then, I closed my tabs on mobile safari but reopened safari to the redditly app and it shows this:

I hit refresh and this happens: logged in

What can we do so that we can allow a user to not have to refresh a page every time they’re signed in?

Also, how do I allow a user to instantly view the controversial posts or rising posts, instead of descending from the oldest to newest posts? Here is a screenshot from my template :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, and excellent job on this.

Hi @adamdaha, thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, there is an issue, indeed. Please let us fix it and I’ll get back to you with an update as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to try and solve this issue by yourself, here is a resource https://forum.bubble.io/t/video-tutorial-how-to-keep-users-logged-into-your-app/71672 that might be helpful.

As for the Controversial section of this template, it already comes with a built-in functionality which users can view here:


Just click on this dropdown, where you can select the Controversial posts:


The template already displays posts based on their controversy score:

Which is a database field for Post table:

And it is calculated at index page, here:

Thank in advance for your patience.

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Thank you so much. Please let me know soon as you find out how the log in aspect can be fixed :+1:

I was hoping you could share how I could change it when the user first open the page to for example the “controversial score.” That way, the user doesn’t see a post from several weeks ago and they see the most interesting or “rising” posts in real time soon as the page is loaded.

Thank you. :raised_hands:

Hi @adamdaha,

There is also a New section which users can select to preview the newest uploaded posts. However, you can change the way you search for posts, here:


If you have more questions regarding Bubble development itself, please post your request here https://forum.bubble.io/ where you can find more help from the community.
We encourage our customers to have an intermediate experience with Bubble, in order to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.

We’ll work on fixes and I’ll get back to you via forum asap.

Thank you for understanding.:pray:

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I’m a solid Bubble developer and have tried everything. The most logical approach would be to contact the person who built the template :slight_smile: If you could allow your Redditly page to allow a user to automatically see the rising posts first on page load, how would you do that? I’ve seen the same Donald Trump post for 3 weeks and I think we can figure no one wants to see that everyday :slight_smile:

For any other nontemplate related questions I will go through bubble Forums. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @adamdaha,

Each post category from this list:


Has its own searching algorithm, which can be previewed in the Repeating Group, here:

Also, pay attention to the Conditional, because these categories are based on States which also have their own logic per each category:

You can check the state settings in the workflow:

Where you can find workflow for each category click, for example:


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Thank you. There’s a feature for when you first load a page, it shows in chronological order from the oldest posts to the newest. Only when you select the other features do I love what has been implemented but is not my concern. Do you know how to change it so that when a user first opens a page I can initially let them see one of those 5 categories such as New? That way when a user opens up the Redditly app, they won’t see the same post for several weeks, they will see new posts. Please let me know. Thank you.