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Repeating Group to CSV Download - New Plugin from Zeroqode


We have just published a new plugin
Exporting your data from your application will be now much easier with our CSV export. New Zeroqode plugin will save every row in selected repeating group into downloadable CSV file with a single click. It will contain same fields in the same order as they appear in the repeating group.

You can try the working demo here:
Repeating group to CSV plugin page

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hello. I need more detailed instructions to make this work. Not clear.

i.e Step 2: “2) Apply the same identificator in the field “Insert RG” for the plugin element.”

Where is this field?

EDIT: I finally found it in Element Actions…was looking in Plugins


There appears to be missing instructions. The instructions provided get me to the download action, but not the link and “click here” action that is in the demo to actually download the csv file.


ok, I’ve figured out how to use the link element to access the data. again, this should be stated, as it is not obvious. 1 issue is that it will only download the viewable data, so if your repeating group is set to anything but full list, you won’t get all of the data.


Sorry for being late Robert but glad you figured that out. We are going to update all our plugin descriptions where we refer to using element IDs to make it clear. Thanks!


Hi Levon, I finally bought the CSV plugin and I am trying to make it work with no success,

I already insert my RG ID witch the layout is full list, not sure how to use the captions(group ID) , I just create a group with some text as header for each column. When i click my action it does not do anything, some times the blue line that shown an action goes really fast and does nothing, and some times the blue line is slow and at the end does nothing as well.

Please help me.

Thank you.



Hi @carlos
thanks for purchasing the plugin
did you check this demo page? https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=rg-to-csv&id=zeroqode-demo-05&tab=tabs-1

it should give you a good understanding of how to use the plugin and configure the workflows etc.
Please try to replicate similar settings and let us know if it works


It is working perfectly, I developed a little google apps script that organizes rows and columns exactly as you are showing in the repeating group, and then send you an email with a xls file out of it. It makes this plug in 100% usable.

I just have one question now, is it possible to send the link in a body email, I have been trying copying the same content from the link after the Workflow in the email, but when I get the email, the text and the link are empty.

It looks like the rg-to-csv url for downloading it’s a list, does this is affecting me?



can you please post some screenshots to demonstrate what are you trying to do?


I had to do only one image, this forum only allow me to upload one image at the time.


Hey, loving it.

Is there a way to “Insert dynamic data” to the “File Name” Input?
It would be really helpful.


regarding your first question, Bubble tends to have this bug that plugin’s sates are not immediately available for processing. So we have found a workaround, instead of immediately running a workflow that uses plugin’s value, schedule a custom event with 1 sec delay (see screenshot below) which would do the same

this should do the trick

as for dynamic value for file name, we’ll do this shortly and I’ll update once the new version is available


ok we have just enabled dynamic values for file names - please install the latest plugin version, refresh browser and give it a try


Thank you so much for the dynamic value on the file name and the work around, clever!


Question, the link created on the AWS platform it is under your account or my account?

I am goin to be able to always use that link?


it’s under your Bubble account and yes it should be always available. But in fact to double check this you can download a file and then go to “data” - > “file manager” and check if the file appears there


Thank you, I got it.

Now I am having a problem, after loaded a RG with more than 1000 rows and around 20 minutes waiting, I am getting the next error:

I found this on stackoverflow : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23223718/failed-to-execute-btoa-on-window-the-string-to-be-encoded-contains-characte

But there is nothing I can do to the plugin code.
could you guys help me?



I have found this:

It looks like it is not a difficult fix.

My problem is we run a small company with more than 1000 clients, ever client is an user, but they do not have access to the app yet, only 5 people with administrative rights have access so far to update the users and product details, this is done daily. It looks like we should have a client or some clients with at lease one non unicode utf8 character, could be chinese, korean or arabic, we have more than 30 fields per client, so we do not know where this could be happening, because we do not know which character, which client or which field we should look, it could even been an emoji that was typed by mistake.

I already tried to export my faultull list from chrome, firefox, opera, even edge, getting the same problem, is it possible to fix this?.

Thank you guys.


Hey guys,

I finally found the strange character, it was a non-printable unicode character,
the U+200B.

It was really weird, it was in an email field, showing as nothing, not even showing a space.

OK, after fixing this field, everything is working properly.



Hey there,
thanks for the update and sorry for being slow here, we’ll double check the plugin code to prevent these kind of bugs.