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Repeating Group to CSV Download - New Plugin from Zeroqode


@david.simons Hi.

Could you please provide more details, like the setup/workflow with screenshots or video.



Sorry- my bad. I have fixed this- it was how I had Excel set-up to parse the output file.


Hi, there is something I have noticed which is causing me trouble. The only option available for saving the file url evaluates to a “text” rather than a “file”.

With the bubble page to pdf plugin, I am able to save the url as a “file” type as follows:
File=ConverttoPDF A’s Output file URL.

This gives me the whole url including the “https:” which I can then use in my workflows easily.

With the rg-to-csv plugin I end up with the bubble storage string without the “https:” which evaluates as a “text” which is causing me problems later in my workflows. Can you advise, please?


Hi David, i guess you can simply add https: prior to the Bubble storage string and that should do the trick


Hi again, I am getting the following error message - “The plugin Repeating Group to CSV Download / action Download CSV a rg-to-csv threw the following error: d.file_name is null”

Thanks in advance for your help


Was it working fine before? Did you configure it as shown in the demo page? https://zeroqode-demo-05.bubbleapps.io/rg-to-csv


Hello Levon, I guess it must be something I did- the error is no longer thrown.