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Repeating Group to CSV problems


I’m struggling just a bit with this plugin, so was wondering if anyone could offer some advice.

When I export the data from a repeating group, it is putting a line of data alongside the captions, as shown:

Does anyone know why this is happening?

EDIT: I had my captions group inside the first line of the repeating group who’s data I wanted to display, this may have been causing the issue. However I have created a new group with a new ID attribute and referenced that, but it is still bringing up the first line of data alongside the captions.

Hi @cha_james,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for delay. In order to have a successful conversion, it is important to have your Repeating Group element set up properly, especially the nested elements. Perhaps this thread Repeating Group TO CSV Plugin Query can help. However, if you still have the same issue, please share more details like screenshots of your design elements with all nested ones as well, property editor of your groups, repeating group, plugin configurations, action properties, the exact steps to reproduce the issue and what you’re trying to accomplish, so we can have a better troubleshooting then provide working solutions on this matter asap.


Thanks Alexandru, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I managed to get it sorted.

I contain the ‘titles’ for my repeating group in the first row, which is visible when current cell’s index is 1 - just to make sure titles always line up with the text in the group.

This is the reason it was appearing alongside the first values.

I was wondering however if you could assist me regarding links in the repeating group. My users sometimes upload links, however currently when I export these, it either doesn’t show a value at all in excel (if I use a link element) or if I use a text element that recognises links it just shows the text I use as the placeholder eg ‘source link’ which isn’t clickable like it is in bubble.

Is there any way I can have links exported to excel without exporting the full link url? Sometimes the url’s are 100+ characters)

Thanks again

Hi @cha_james,

I’m glad you’ve managed to solve it. Please let us check on this one as well and I’ll notify you on this matter asap.

Thanks for your patience.


I’m reaching out with an update. Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert and download link elements with our plugin. The best workaround that can help you with your application, is actually a URL shortener so it will not be a long one saved in your CSV, and it will be saved as text. However, if you modify this URL from your CSV file itself, this text gets into a clickable link.

Hope it helps and thanks for your patience. :pray: