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Repeating Group TO CSV Plugin Query


Hi I recently purchased this plugin(Repeating group to CSV),
please refer to the screenshots -

In one of the screenshots I have shared my group and the repeating group, the captions are highlighted and in the rg to csv plugin , i have used the option of manually(coma separated captions), the captions entered there are in the same order as the captions in the group (screenshot of which i have shared earlier), however if you see the csv you can see that the captions there are in a different order, i have shared the screenshot if the csv file, please look into it and tell me where i am going wrong


Dear Kartik, hello

Thank you for your feedback on the Repeating group to CSV plugin. Expecially for the detailed description of the issue and the screenshots.

Our Team is working on your issue. As soon as we check and fix it, you will be notified.

Best wishes,



The content of yours’ table columns mismatched its captions due to a few reasons. Check out the example on the screenshot and compare with your source:

  1. Make sure that all elements within the table are nested correctly. The miniscuest misplacing can cause the error in exported document:

  2. Check if all your repeating group containers refer to the correct data type. The content of each repeating group should refer to its’ group container strictly.

  3. Instead of entering each group ID, try to specify only their parent group ID:

If you follow all of these instructions, the exported document will look nice