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Repeating Group TO CSV Plugin Query

Hi I recently purchased this plugin(Repeating group to CSV),
please refer to the screenshots -

In one of the screenshots I have shared my group and the repeating group, the captions are highlighted and in the rg to csv plugin , i have used the option of manually(coma separated captions), the captions entered there are in the same order as the captions in the group (screenshot of which i have shared earlier), however if you see the csv you can see that the captions there are in a different order, i have shared the screenshot if the csv file, please look into it and tell me where i am going wrong

Dear Kartik, hello

Thank you for your feedback on the Repeating group to CSV plugin. Expecially for the detailed description of the issue and the screenshots.

Our Team is working on your issue. As soon as we check and fix it, you will be notified.

Best wishes,


The content of yours’ table columns mismatched its captions due to a few reasons. Check out the example on the screenshot and compare with your source:

  1. Make sure that all elements within the table are nested correctly. The miniscuest misplacing can cause the error in exported document:

  2. Check if all your repeating group containers refer to the correct data type. The content of each repeating group should refer to its’ group container strictly.

  3. Instead of entering each group ID, try to specify only their parent group ID:

If you follow all of these instructions, the exported document will look nice


kindly watch this video, I have followed the steps you asked but still i am not getting any headers, can you please help me with it


Apologies for the delayed reply :pray:
I managed to find out the reason why the title of your table is not present in the CSV file.

You need to make sure that:

  • all your Title Text elements are placed within their own unique Group element;
  • the Type of content/Data source fields, within the Title Group are empty;
  • the item nesting is composed like it is shown in the video.

Please check the video: https://www.loom.com/share/96a0ea45ff664539a1922e4c069c41cb

Could you please try to set your table with the same parameters and confirm, that this is a workable solution?

P.S.: I’m sorry, I had to open the file within my browser - but still the title elements are visible.
P.P.S.: at first, when I was testing and added to the group title only the text elements (I did not place them inside the additional group elements) - the resulting file was with the same issue as yours, there was no table’s title in the downloaded file.

I hope this will help you.

@kate: I am Kartik’s Teammate and tried implementing your solution, but still the hearders are not getting captured, This is so frustrating to spend almost one day to figure out why we are getting it wrong. Perhaps you could help me here, If you look at the video which i have attached, the steps followed are exactly like you said, still the csv which got exported is not containing any Headers.

Will we ever have a solution for this?

Hello, @sriram.

Thank you for your video record. Yes, I see that my troubleshooting tips were not helpful, unfortunately.

I suppose, as the other way to figure out the reason for your issue, I have to investigate your app. Can you please add our support email ([email protected]) as a collaborator of your project? Due to the fact, the plugin is workable on our side, I think there is some mistake in your internal setup.

P.S.: even if your subscription plan is not a Professional, the support mail can be added as a collaborator.



Thank you for adding our support email as a collaborator of your app.

It seems to me that you have deleted or edited the page, where you have faced the issue with table converting to the CSV. I can’t find it.

Can you please tell on which page you have the table with the issue (plugin Group to CSV)? Or grant to our support email a permission to edit your app - I will add the test page with the table on my own with the correct settings, so you can check the plugin’s work.

Thank you.

Hi Kate,

Use this page to test


I’m afraid, I still have no permission to create anything on the page you’ve provided to me (it is empty, there is nothing to test and it is not possible to create a thing http://prntscr.com/sgxk5a).

I can do nothing but suggest you add a new page and to create a repeating group there, the way I showed you in my video. But still, the plugin is fully workable on our side. Please try to create a new repeating group and re-check every setting on your side with the documentation:

Apologies for such an occasion. :pray:

Hi @kate

We have created new page reports-campaign_12-06-20 in the dev version of our app, Can you please check that once and let us know how we can fix this issue, We are looking to solve this issue immediately so that we can start utilizing it in our app.

Quick help here would be appreciated.

PS: Please look into the loom video on how to go to the page: https://www.loom.com/share/2672e62c19724e6694c5a8af1fc984ae

@zeroqode Can someone help us with this?

@sriram, apologies for the late reply :pray:

Of course, I will take a look and let you know the results of my investigation asap. Thank you for your patience.


HI @kate

Any update here? Where you abel to check that page?

@levon @kate

Can yuo help us with this PLugin, We had spend good amount of time on getting this plugint o work for us, but have failed everytime, The vidoes which you shared also did not help as we did the exact same thing but still couldnt solve the issue.

Would be really helpful if you can help us in identifying the problem atleast, Its been a very difficult get zeroqode to look into the issue, especially this particular thread, Have never faced this long delay from Zeroqode for any issue.

Unbelivably late reply on this issue and have been left nothing but frustrated with the way this issue has been handled from zeroqode end.

Hello @sriram

Apologies for delayed answers, there are some slowdowns on our side sorry about that. :pray:

We’ll need to check this out but can you possibly isolate this particular issue from the rest of potentially interfering code or set up in the application?
This may help us pinpoint where the issue may be.

The team will check the application and be back to you with an update on the matter, asap!

Thanks for your understanding :pray:


@Dumitru: Thanks for the reply, Do you want us to create a page only with this element on this page ? Will that help?


If possible to create the page only set for this particular plugin setup and give the possibility to edit the page so we could adjust it, if necessary.
I see that you’ve mentioned the page reports-campaign_12-06-20 , I believe this one we could check right?

yes thats the page which you can check

Hello, @sriram.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make any changes (create a test table to check out the plugin work) within the reports-campaign_12-06-20 page. Our support email still has no permission to edit your app.

Without the editing rights, we can not do a thing within your test page - create a test table with the test data, investigate the plugin work, and resolve your issue.

@sriram, would you kindly give the edit rights to our support email? Otherwise, we cannot help you, but to suggest reinstall the plugin, refresh the app, recreate the table with plugin element, and try once more on your own.